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High Blood Pressure as a Disease

Hypertension and high blood pressure simply explained
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A health portal for people with high blood pressure - the German Hypertension Adviser

High blood pressure is a diagnosis that will feel like a slap in the face. No matter whether it is you who are affected or a loved one.

Health is the greatest requirement of the people and can be balanced with some self-control. Health is, in the words of the World Health Organization 'a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being'.

This German health portal focuses on high blood pressure and has set itself the task of providing the necessary information to those concerned by hypertension in a comprehensive manner, to inform and offer solutions from a variety of disciplines such as conventional medicine, naturopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, herbal medicine and other alternative sources of healing knowledge, to those affected by hypertension.

This information will be affected and interested patients a reliable pillar of strength in the battle with the disease known as high blood pressure or hypertension.

Please note that we have the text and content set forth herein and do not recommend it as a basis for self-diagnosis or self-treatment for legal reasons, and therefore this should not supersede the advice on hypertension from a trained and qualified physician or medical practitioner.

High Blood Pressure

Serious consequences of high blood pressure
The health portal for hypertension

On these pages you will find that hypertension is described in great detail, ranging from normal values (or the resting blood pressure) to the classification of blood pressure according to the World Health Organization. Exact figures for hypertension as well as the symptoms of the typical disease, figures on the frequency of hypertension, a detailed overview on the risk groups as well as detailed descriptions of high blood pressure are all explained clearly.

Here you will find high blood pressure accurately defined with all its details.

Also in this web site you'll find everything about the causes and consequences of high blood pressure, about the diagnosis, as well as everything about the therapy of hypertension with medications or alternative remedies.

Diets and Emergency Aid in High Blood Pressure?

Diets are listed and we provide diet tips that are especially suited for high blood pressure patients to lose weight fast, because obesity and high blood pressure usually occur together.

Of course, we provide information on emergency aid of the hypertension disease, and we aim to be a comprehensive encyclopaedia on the subject for you and seek to provide the latest news about high blood pressure.

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High blood pressure brings a red face

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Blood pressure monitoring in hypertensive patients
Hypertension patients should monitor their blood pressure regular

Find out how you can lower your high blood pressure naturally.

This healthcare portal accepts no liability for damage of any kind incurred by the use of any information or references made on this website on hypertension.

The texts on this website are the intellectual property of the site owner and are subject to copyright and other laws protecting intellectual property. The content presented here may not be copied, published or distributed without prior consent. All rights are reserved.

We hope this will be a helpful guide in the jungle of health and our hypertension health portal welcomes your emails and suggestions.

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Important Steps when dealing with High Blood Pressure

Hypertension is a serious disease
Hypertension accurately explained

In order to realize your dream of normal blood pressure values, this portal contains a wealth of information.

We have many helpful remedies and therapies that can help you with your blood pressure problems.

However, we consider that it is particularly important that you seek medical advice as well as performing a kidney cleanse, bile cleaning, HOT-treatment and purification of the heart and the blood, when suffering with high blood pressure. 

Furthermore, we provide extensive diagnostic capabilities with high blood pressure, which are often not carried out in conventional medicine for cost reasons.

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