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10 Tips to lose Weight and to reduce Hypertension


Sure, you have an elevator in your workplace but you don’t always need use it! You could always choose to take the stairs! If you live in the city, you could always walk to work instead of driving.

The same goes with exercise as it does with your diet, the little things can make a big difference.

Many new mobile phones have a pedometer built into them and give accurate information about the daily distance travelled and how many calories you have consumed. So why not turn it on and see for yourself!


If you want to quickly lose weight, you should change your diet. Again, it’s the little things that can make a big difference. Make sure that you eat a varied diet.  For example, mix together two kinds of cereal, to add taste instead of adding sugar!

You can even mix your favourite salami along with a low-fat version, so you can save a lot of calories without having to sacrifice on enjoyment.

Set dinner

When losing weight it is important to observe fixed meal times. When you have a clear goal, you set your eating hours and your body have a clear signal when to expect food again. Even this little thing can help a lot with weight loss.

Brush your teeth

Everybody knows the importance of brushing their teeth after eating. But it can even help with weight loss! So make sure you brush your teeth after eating.

Keep snacks in the house

Always keep a variety of healthy snacks at home. Keep a small supply of vegetables ready so that you can prepare them quickly and can eat them for a quick and tasty snack. Keep healthy snacking nuts at home instead of potato chips. While nuts have a high fat content they are much better for you than potato chips.

 Drink water

To really lose weight quickly and healthily, you need to drink plenty of water. Water will make your stomach feel full and clear out bad toxins from your body.