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The 3D diet for high blood pressure

The 3D diet for high blood pressure

Solutions for high blood pressure

Decrease in hypertension with the 3D diet 

The 3D Diet was developed by Jean-Claude Houdret, a French doctor. He created it by collaborating with Karl Lagerfeld who lost around 40 kilograms. Together they have written and published the basic principles in a book. 

The diet program

The 3D diet is divided into three distinct stages. The first is to eat only protein products and certain vegetables in the first three weeks. Every day you may not be exceed more than 1000 calories. In the second stage, an additional main meal is consumed per day, the recipes of which are outlined in the book. The maximum calories consumed are now 1200 kcal. In the last stage of the daily caloric intake is at least 1200 and up to 1600 kcal.

Foods and dietary supplements

On the daily menu there are a lot of fish, lean meats, vegetables, and in addition wholemeal bread can be eaten. Moreover, the decrease in food intake is supported by taking supplements. These supplements include appetite inhibitors, which consist of vitamins and minerals, which reduces the feeling of hunger and associated stress. 

Lots of sports in 3D diet

Lose weight with the 3D diet

With high blood pressure you can lose weight with the 3D diet

During this diet only a few calories are consumed each day and therefore competitive sports should be avoided. However moderate sports are always good to help you lose weight healthily. You should take at least three workouts each week to boost your metabolism and help to achieve a calorie deficit.

However, it should be remembered that you should only get involved in a sport which is suitable for your physical condition. Over time, exercise can be increased gradually, but this increase should never be rushed otherwise it can lead to physical problems.

The pros and cons of the 3D diet 

A significant disadvantage of the program is its cost. This diet is difficult to implement for average earners because the average cost is about 450 euros. The diet contains expensive food, food supplements and special pills.

High cost in losing weight 

Obesity and Hypertension 

Decrease in weight and high blood pressure with the 3D diet

Everyone must therefore decide for themselves whether any possible success justifies this cost. Also, the program is only suitable for up to one month, as the body will be overstressed from this massive reduction in calories.

However, the program is definitely suitable for those who want to lose weight healthily. Success with this program is guaranteed if you follow the guidelines. Also, this is very motivating because the calorie intake in the three phases is increased gradually. Thus, a kind of reward is received if you successfully survive the early stages. When it comes to losing weight, motivation is one of the most important aspects for finding success.