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The new 5:2 Diet

The new 5:2 Diet - Weight Loss and high blood pressure

5 to 2 diet and hypertension

If you suffer from high blood pressure then the 5 to 2 diet can help you to lose weight and reduce your blood pressure. 5 to 2 is the name of a diet where you can eat what you want for 5 days a week and only have a maximum of 500 calories (600 calories for men) for 2 days.


The name comes from two days fasting and five days of feasting. This method was tested by Dr Michael Mosley during a BBC show. During the fasting days you are free to choose consecutive days, such as a weekend or two very different days of the week.


Is this a new fad diet or a good way to lose weight? This question is justified because we have seen so many new fashion diets in recent years. Fasting has taken place in almost every culture and its place in our evolution is familiar. Our ancestors didn’t always find their hands full of food. Therefore, this diet concept fits with our culture and the development of humans throughout history. And so it is also suitable for high blood pressure patients.

Widely known through the television 

Help with hypertension 

High blood pressure can decrease with the 5 to 2 diet

What does the 5:2 diet look like and how can it help hypertension patients? The 5 to 2 diet promises quick weight reduction of up to one kilogram per week. The diet tells you what you are allowed to eat for the two diet days. This includes healthy vegetables, protein-containing fish, lean meat and low fat dairy products, fruits and nuts. You are not allowed any sugar for the two diet days. 500 calories is not a lot but those who really want to lose weight fast should really benefit from this diet.

If you really want to lose weight fast, you must also drink plenty of water. Because water makes your stomach feel full and will satisfy hunger. During the 5 non-diet days you should not consume more than 2000 calories. Do not think that you can outweigh all the sins of the week with only two days of fasting. 

Reducing weight 

If you suffer from high blood pressure you should reduce your excess weight as soon as possible. Originally, the 2-day diet for breast cancer patients was developed in England.

Today, the books for this diet are out of print. The 5 to 2 diet plan can achieve better results than other diets.

Clinical trials for weight loss with the 5 to 2 diet are still pending and are eagerly awaited by many people around the world. In any case, the 5 to 2 diet appears to be a good approach and allows for a fairly normal lifestyle for five days with only two days of strict dieting. Therefore, losing weight with this diet form is particularly suitable for high blood pressure patients.