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High blood pressure and elevated adrenaline levels

Adrenalin can cause high blood pressure
Hypertension caused by adrenalin

High blood pressure can be caused by increased adrenaline values

A special case, evolutionarily related, is the adrenal medulla, which has only one preganglionic fibre and in which the postganglionic fibre is replaced by the neurotransmitter adrenaline.

Thus, the adrenal medulla is part of the humoral system of coordinates.

Adrenaline is a hormone similar to the noradrenaline.

Since it is released into the blood, it reaches all the organs.

Under normal conditions, the hormone is primarily affected by the release of glucose in the liver and muscles.

Norepinephrine and dopamine are attached to the catecholamines.

The catecholamines are stored in various organs and nerves and released by a stimulus effect. 

Adrenaline creates also stress. When adrenal stress is generated hypertension can occur. The stress hormone can increase blood pressure.

The adrenaline belongs to the group of stress hormones. 

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Adrenalin and Stress can cause Hypertension

With our great-great-ancestors it had an important function: in case of danger the stress hormone needed to prepare the body to escape or to fight. 

With the adrenaline, the blood pressure rises, the heart beats faster, the bronchi and the respiratory tract are expanded, the muscles are better supplied with blood and intestinal activity is reduced.

Doctors have recognized the operation of the transmitter substances and this has gained a lot of importance because you can mimic the influence of the autonomic nervous system by the administration of excess carriers themselves or those that enhance their effect.

In this case, hypertension can be reduced with mental and physical stress.

However, due to increased catecholamine release high blood pressure can arise. 

Hypertension can be either permanent or paroxysmal and it can rise sharply. 

It can occur in blood pressure values of 300 mmHg. 

Normal blood pressure has a value of about 120 mmHg. 

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The Symptoms of too much Stress and Adrenalin

Massive hypertension is accompanied by agitation, a splitting headache, sweating and pallor.

Hypertension over a long period inevitably causes vascular injury. 

The hormone is produced and there is an increased rate of excretion in the urine.

Severe damages are possible. Try to remain relaxed.

If you frequently suffer from stress, you are far more likely to suffer from hypertension.

What factors can lead to an increased hormone-value?

The most important factors include tumour diseases, hypertension, stress, alcohol, coffee, hypoglycaemia and taking certain medications, such as tetracycline.

If the stress hormone value over time is always increased, it can lead to disorders of the body. 

Thus, this increase leads to hypertensiona rise in blood sugar and a cardiac stress.

A high hormone value is manifested in the increased blood pressure, sweating, headaches and palpitations.

Too low a value restricts the vitality and causes chronic fatigue.

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