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Alcohol can cause high blood pressure

Alcohol and hypertension require very often
Alcohol in hypertension

High blood pressure, or hypertension, can be dangerous.

In particular, if one doesn’t know that they have it.

A possible cause of high blood pressure in the human body is the excessive consumption of alcohol.

How much alcohol you have to take in order for hypertension to permanently arise is difficult to say.

The consumption of alcohol increases the risk of hypertension.

A glass or two of wine a day can have a good effect on your body, according to medical professionals.

But any more than this could result in high blood pressure.

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Alcohol is a social drug - dangerous in hypertension

Those who drink too much regularly run the risk of high blood pressure.

Those who take alcohol often and in large quantities are likely to have health consequences that can harm the body and internal organs and the threat of high blood pressure will also increase.

But what makes this intoxicating drink dangerous that leads to an increase in the pressure of the blood?

The consumption of alcohol dilates the blood vessels.

This assertion is true and explains why many people get, for example, a red face after the intake of alcohol.

In principle, one should now assume that a visit to the cocktail bar affects the general pressure of the blood.

However, our body is a complex system.

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Hypertension from alcohol

Hypertension by alcohol
Alcohol can cause hypertension

With high blood pressure, it is important to pay attention to the consumption of alcohol.

The brain of the person consuming alcohol will start to release of hormones in the central nervous system, and in turn increase the pressure of the blood.

These hormones in turn can lead to an increased heartbeat.

The increased heartbeat then has the consequence that a higher amount of blood is pumped around the body.

The pressure of the blood rises and thereby presses on sensitive vessel walls. 

The consequence of this is that the vessel walls will become damaged and vascular calcification may form.

This vascular calcification now means that the blood is at an even higher pressure, which in turn can lead to heart attacks or strokes because organs cannot be adequately supplied with oxygen.

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Lower alcohol if you suffer from high blood pressure

Some doctors advise to take small amounts of alcoholic beverages to reduce high blood pressure and the risk of heart disease.

This corresponds to the already mentioned one or two glasses of wine which isn’t considered to be excessive consumption.


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