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Allergies contribute high blood pressure ?

Allergy medication can have an impact on blood vessels
Allergies in hypertension

Can allergies cause high blood pressure?

No, allergies usually cannot directly cause high blood pressure, but they can increase it indirectly.

Certain allergy medications constrict the nasal blood vessels, which is helpful in order to alleviate the allergic symptoms of a person.

On the other hand, this is not very helpful for people with high blood pressure because the blood vessels in other places in the body can also constrict.

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Can allergies trigger hypertension ?

This narrowing of the blood vessels complicates the proper function of the heart, which means that more blood must be pumped through the body, which ultimately increases the blood pressure.

Furthermore, some allergies can also cause breathing problems, especially when a person is sleeping.

This can trigger gasping or sleep apnoea, which can ultimately lead to hypertension.

In some cases, allergy symptoms can also cause muscle cramps or spasms, these cramps do not stop until the allergens are gone from the body of the person.

Artery walls consist of muscles and if they have a seizure for some reason, they will reduce their size, but the amount of blood is not reduced.

The heart has to pump harder for the blood to continue travelling around the body, which again, can lead to increased blood pressure.

Once the body has gotten rid of the allergens that cause muscle cramps, the arteries will go back to their original size and the blood pressure drops automatically.

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Allergy medicine with high blood pressure

Allergies and high blood pressure - relieving medications
Allergies in hypertension

When a person suffers from both high blood pressure and allergies, it is important for them to be very careful and to choose an appropriate allergy medication.

Another side effect is that of using medication for blood pressure is that the patient may not be able to counteract the side effects of allergies and therefore this might cause more problems with the blood pressure.

However, this does not mean that all allergy medication will complicate a problem with high blood pressure.

Therefore it is important to consult a doctor taking an allergy medication while you are suffering from either of these two diseases.

In such cases it is better to avoid self-medication and non-prescription medications because you may not be aware of their side effects.

Decongestants, particularly phenylephrine or pseudoephedrine, are known to narrow blood vessels and can be found in many allergy medications to reduce allergic reactions and symptoms.

If an allergy drug, for example, has the letter D at the end of the product name, it is very likely that it contains a decongestant, and therefore it is important to be very careful before taking it.

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Which drugs are suitable ?

Decongestants can raise blood pressure, but they also allow for immediate relief from allergies, so they may also be useful.

A similar product is widely available that doesn’t contain the letter D at the end of the product name and is a much safer option for patients with hypertension.

These medications usually contain an antihistamine that is safe for people with hypertension.

So what should be taken if a person suffers both from the high blood pressure and allergies? 

Antihistamines and corticosteroids are definitely the better choice for patients with hypertension.

Antihistamines as the name suggests, have histamine-blocking properties and can be purchased in the form of tablets, capsules, nasal sprays and eye drops.

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What helps with allergies and high blood pressure ?

consult a doctor with allergies
Allergies in hypertension

Be careful with allergies when you have high blood pressure.

Corticosteroids are also available in all these forms, but Antihistamines can be bought over the counter, whereas corticosteroids require a prescription for purchase.

It is always best to seek advice from a doctor when treating allergies, especially if you have hypertension.

What may be appropriate for one patient might not be right for another.

Neither an allergy nor high blood pressure should be ignored, because both can lead to serious complications.

It is best to discuss treatment options for both conditions with your doctor to prevent further health risks.


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