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The Apple Watch as a Blood Pressure Monitor

The Apple watch and high blood pressure
High blood pressure and the Apple watch

In 2015, the Apple Watch came worldwide to the markets. Apple wants to connect their product directly to the people with their watch.

This seems logical since you're wearing the "Watch" on your wrist and this product can measure the pulse, count your steps and also determine your GPS location.

The "Watch" is an even more motivation to exercise. It measures, for example, the blood pressure, which can provide valuable information for patients and doctors.

But what about blood pressure measurement in practice?

Experts say that the Apple Watch is similar to the wireless wrist blood pressure monitor iHealth (also from Apple). The clever device transmits information via a proprietary app using Bluetooth to an iPhone/iPod/iPad.

So is the Apple device just as good as any other blood pressure monitor. The App Store currently has just the free app iHealth to utilise this system. More apps are coming.

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The Apple Watch can measure the Pulse

iPhone and Apple watch to measure the pulse
High blood pressure and the Apple watch

Which apps helps us to take the measurement easily?

Only a few other apps work just like the other two to take blood pressure My heart is one and is especially useful if you frequently suffer from high blood pressure that can create a lot of damage over the years, so it is important that you react quickly to prevent further damage.

The Apple watch displayed exactly how high the blood pressure is and the patient may respond at short notice and take action.

Your doctor will thank you for it, because he will see an accurate picture and a detailed history of your blood pressure values​​, so it is easier for him to see if everything is in order and he can use this valuable data to prescribe countermeasures.

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Blood Pressure Data from the Apple Watch

Check your health with the Apple watch
The Apple watch and the pulse

The doctor is able to read valuable health data from your Apple watch

The Apple watch, as a blood pressure monitor, appears to be a win-win situation, but some sceptics ask whether the values ​​are too detailed. Some tests show that the iWatch works almost flawlessly.

Unlike predecessors, that still have some shortcomings, such apps have now proven to work well as a blood pressure monitor.

In the fight against endemic high blood pressure (35 million patients), the novelty can be very effective, and even preventative.

The Apple watch can help us with the monitoring of our pulse and our movements.

The next Apple watch generation will probably come in September 2016 to the markets.

If you suffer from high blood pressure the Apple watch will be a great gadget.

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