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Asthma causes by hypertension?

Asthma by hypertension - or vice versa?
Asthma in Hypertension

More and more people suffer from asthma.

In this disease, the bronchial tubes in the lungs are narrowed because of the formation of tenacious mucus.

This cannot be coughed up, which increases the difficulty in breathing.

But what role does the blood pressure or high blood pressure have here?

These questions are answered in this article.

There are numerous causes of high blood pressure.

Firstly, it could be caused by a disease of the heart.

Also, a malfunction of the thyroid can affect blood pressure.

However, high blood pressure is often caused by the lack of liquid.

Affected individuals carry less liquid than that required for the supply of blood and cells.

The pressure in the blood ensures that the supplied water can get into the cell through small openings in the cell wall.

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The water level - asthma and hypertension

If no water is in the body it tries to compensate for this with an increased pressure in order to ensure the supply the cells with water.

Due to the lack of water, the cells shrink in order to achieve a sufficient filling.

The measure of the body's regulation increases the blood pressure because the body is thereby attempting to ensure sufficient liquid for the supply of the cells.

But what does this have to do with asthma?

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What does that have to do with asthma and hypertension?

The asthma can hang together with the blood pressure
Asthma in Hypertension

The explanation is quite simple.

The fluid in our body is not only caused by perspiration and excretion of urine.

During breathing, the body also loses fluid, which is about 25 percent.

In order to avoid a further loss of fluid, the body engages the hormone histamine.

It is always used when there is a sudden allergic reaction.

This is usually the case with allergies because the allergic reaction ensures histamine for the narrowing of the bronchi, resulting in the formation of tough mucus.

If there is inflammation in the body, this hormone is produced by the cells themselves.

The hormone histamine is also produced during dehydration.

The object of the hormone is to prevent further loss of liquid through breathing.

This ensures that the histamine is used for the narrowing of the bronchi as this will lead to less air and therefore less water can be delivered.

As a result, mucus forms in the bronchi, which is so tough by the lack of liquid that it cannot be coughed up.

In response, the bronchi constricts more, which further increases difficulty in breathing.

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Appropriate measures against asthma and hypertension

To be able to cough up the mucus and better ventilate the lungs, a supply of water is urgently needed.

The bronchial tubes are expanded again and the patient can breath better.

The cells reduce the formation of histamine, which has a positive effect on the inflammation in the bronchi.


With asthma, blood pressure and the water balance should always be checked.

With these measures the blood pressure and the cells necessary to provide an adequate liquid supply and the physical symptoms can quickly be found.

Drinking a lot is important.

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