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The Atkins Diet for High Blood Pressure

Help with Hypertension - The Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet is particularly suitable for people with hypertension

Do you want to lose weight really fast? Then the Atkins diet might be something for you. It was named after Robert Atkins and has been made famous by countless Hollywood stars. The Atkins diet is becoming increasingly popular for people who want to lose weight quickly. And that is exactly what some high blood pressure patients want to achieve.


Generally an Atkins diet is a low carb diet. It is based on the fact that one gram of fat equals eight calories, while 1 gram of carbohydrate and 4 grams of protein contains only 3 calories. There are, however, some differences in energy production and the burning of these calories. 

The digestive process of fat is much more complicated than that of carbohydrates or proteins and the body will deal with fat in a much more different way. Carbohydrates are, in simple terms, more or less transformed by the body into sugar-like products and are available as energy sources to be used immediately. This is not the case with proteins, which have to be disassembled by the body to serve as an energy supplier when required. Energy from fat is even more difficult to deal with.

The Atkins Diet

High blood pressure patients can lose weight quickly with the Atkins method. Therefore, the Atkins diet is based on the avoidance of carbohydrates and you should not eat sugar, bread, potatoes, pasta or rice. 

You also have to know that both alcohol and fruit (fruit sugar) is turned into a sugar-like substance and therefore is also a taboo. Unlike other diets, fats and proteins should be consumed in the Atkins diet. Some proponents of the Atkins diet believe that 'the more fat, the better'. However, many nutritionists may disagree.

Fatty nuts, cheese, fatty meats and sausages are all products that are allowed in the Atkins diet and many people who want to lose weight quickly have been fulfilled by the Atkins diet as a dream come true.

The Atkins diet can also be combined with a low carb diet. Sometimes you will get cravings for carbohydrates from rice or potatos, but the main part of the meal should continue to provide protein with vegetables or salads. This is particularly suitable for high blood pressure patients.

Lose weight quickly 

With the Atkins diet for high blood pressure patients, people can lose weight quickly


Interestingly, the founder of the diet, Robert Atkins died of obesity. However, the Atkins diet has, from the perspective of human evolution, been justified. Our ancestors have eaten according to the principles defined by Atkins.

There was, in the days of cavemen, no bakeries or supermarkets. To obtain food was extremely cumbersome and dangerous for the hunter-gatherers. 

Major components of the diet incluced berries, animal products and fruit. Only later came the cultivation of arable land and the invention of fire that added other food to the human diet. Therefore, over many centuries we have changed our diets to become more unhealthy, but if we went back to early days, we can see that this diet isn’t particularly unhealthy.

For people who want to lose weight fast (high blood pressure patients) the Atkins Diet is a very good alternative.