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Hypertension damages the eyes

Eye disease due to hypertension
Wye Problems in Hypertension

The human blood pressure provides a very valuable service for the body.

The blood pressure supplies the organs of the human body with valuable nutrients and oxygen.

However, if the blood pressure does not run within the defined limits, it can lead to extensive damage in the organs.

An increase in pressure is referred to in modern medicine as hypertension.

An elevated blood pressure is where the systolic value is higher than 140 mmHg or the diastolic value is more than 90 mmHg.

This high levels are a clear indication of a higher blood pressure.

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The effects of hypertension on the eyes

As a result of high blood pressure, there may be damage in the eye.

The extent of the damage is directly connected to the actual level of blood pressure.

According to the statements of leading physicians, an average high blood pressure leads to damage in the area of the smaller vessels.

The vessel walls are pulled strongly as a result of a high pressure.

Based on this fact, the eye is no longer supplied with sufficient oxygen.

In addition to damage of the small blood vessels, a disorder of the optic nerve may occur as the result of a hypertension.

A disease in the area of the optic nerve is in most cases noticeable by a deterioration of vision.

Depending on the extent of the disease, it can also cause failures in the vision. 

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Extent of disease in the eyes

Avoid eye disorders with high blood pressure
Eye Problems in Hypertension

The field of view range can be visually observed without a change in head position.

During an illness in the area of the optic nerve, the symptoms mentioned before may or may not arise and sometimes there may be no symptoms whatsover.

As a result of a closure of the blood vessels, the blood can no longer flow freely under a thrombosis

If left untreated, a thrombosis can lead to complete blindness.

This is formed in the ciliary body of the eye.

This is an annular fiber structure, which surrounds the area of the lens.



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Eye problems due to high blood pressure

Following the formation of the ocular fluid to flow through a fine channel.

While in the ciliary body, the eye fluid is formed under a certain internal pressure.

Should the mentioned beforehand channel be blocked as a result of high blood pressure, the eye fluid can not drain away freely.

In this case, the internal pressure of the eye rises dramatically.

As the result of an increase in internal pressure glaucoma can arise. 

Similar to optic nerve damage various symptoms of glaucoma can appear.

If the eye is illuminated, for example in the dark from a light source, there may be an increased sensitivity to glare.

This symptom should not be ignored as it can be extremely dangerous, especially for motorists.

In addition to an increased sensitivity of glare, you might also notice an altered color vision.

Sometimes, one colour can no longer be clearly distinguished from another color. 

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Further damage to the eyes in hypertension

In addition to the diseases and symptoms already mentioned, a high blood pressure can lead to further damage around the eyes.

As a serious damage in the eye, a retinal detachment should be considered.

The retina is responsible for forwarding the incoming light stimuli in the first place.

Typical symptoms of a retinal detachment include both flashes of light as well as spots that can be seen when looking around.

In addition, you might also notice black spots or uneven lines in the area of the visual field. 

People who suffer from high blood pressure, should get regular check-ups from their doctor and opthamalogist.