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Baroreflex Stimulation in Hypertension

Now here more news that has come to fruition: the baroreflex stimulation is an alternative to the method described above. This therapy is based on the following principle: The baroreceptors, under which small nerve endings are located are at several major arteries whose wall has elongated. A strong strain means high blood pressure; as a result, the brain reduces the activity of the sympathetic nervous system and also increases the parasympathetic, which causes the blood pressure to drop. The baroreflex stimulation uses a clever deception. Electrical impulses awaken in the baroreceptors and give the impression of a strong wall elongation and thus reduces the blood pressure. In this method, the surgery is carried out under general anaesthesia; however, it must be done by a vascular surgeon. So far, only a few hospitals perform the procedure and it should only come into play when the renal nerves sclerotherapy remains without success from other methods.

A negative point is that the stimulation device must be replaced periodically, however, high blood pressure can be reduced by this method and is better to combat hypertension than other methods, so this news for many high blood pressure patients could represent a breakthrough.

If you plan to undergo one of the two methods, you should consult your doctor.