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High Blood Pressure and Base Powder

Base Powder reduce acidity in the body
Base Powder and Hypertension

High blood pressure and base powder - reduce acidity

When repeated high blood pressure is diagnosed, acidification of the body may be present. Before resorting to drugs you might want to try a base powder to relieve the organisms in your blood and thus give you a normal blood pressure while reducing acidity.

In order to transport the important nutrients to the individual organ, the red blood cells have the ability to deform. The organism might be durable because it is too acidic and has lost the "transporters" due to this flexibility.

A consequence of this is that more and more harmful acid deposits exist in the body. The body tries to remedy the acidity which in turn leads to high blood pressure and other associated diseases.

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Reduce High Blood Pressure naturally with Base Powder

The trigger of acidosis in the body is often because people don’t eat a balanced diet. We need to ensure that we take in enough acid-forming substances. This can decrease the pH in the blood. High blood pressure may develop from bad eating habits.

The scientific advice to reduce acidity is to eat lots of fruits and vegetables and to refrain from foods that contain a lot of salt, but this advice is rarely heeded. Among the foods with lots of sodium are bread, cheese and meat.

All foods that are mentioned can also cause high blood pressure. To facilitate its work with the foods that promote high blood pressure the body can get some use from base powder.

Base powder is a food supplement, which is enriched with basic minerals, mainly with potassium and calcium. These substances bind acid and therefore they counteract hypertension.

The base powder is usually drunk with alkaline minerals. Some vendors propagate base powder as a tea infusion or even direct ingestion to minimize hypertension.

Even subtle amounts of base powder can ensure that high blood pressure can be reduced to a normal range. In the treatment of hypertension by using base powder, it is important to remember that you should overdose on base powder.

If you take too much the body might get other damages. Therefore, many manufacturers advise to apply the base powder as a short-term cure against hypertension and not for a long time.



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Base Powder helps with High Blood Pressure

Base Powder can help to reduce High Blood Pressure
Base Powder and Hypertension

Patients who fight hypertension alongside kidney damage, lung or liver disease, and bone loss should consult their physician before using base powder.

In many cases it may be that hypertension - high blood pressure - must be treated with medication.

Otherwise, the manufacturers point out the importance of a balanced diet for blood pressure!

There are many manufacturers for acid-binding powders.

The German Bullrich salts are a common household name. Even Schuessler salts are good if you are on a tight budget.

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Manufactures of Base Powder - reduce Hypertension

Below are three more manufacturers of base powder

Dr Jacobs

This base powder is rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium. The main attention is paid to the potassium - magnesium ratio. In addition, zinc, fibre, and vitamins are added to D1 and B1.

It is dissolved in water and drunk. The water used should be non-carbonated. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded when fighting hypertension. In addition to the powder Dr Jacobs also offers base salt.


With this base powder, the need for calcium is placed in the foreground. Other ingredients include zinc, sodium, chamomile and lemon balm. The herbs are used for gastric tolerability.

Minesan offers its base powder in various sizes. You can take it in tea or water. Again, the recommended dose should not be exceeded in a high blood pressure cure.

Sun Gate Bitter

Here is the content is entirely derived from herbs. Yarrow, juniper, fennel, anise, caraway, and wormwood bibernelle include all the minerals that the body needs to tackle high blood pressure.

The Epsom salt should be taken directly before eating swallowed after a short casting time. If that is uncomfortable, the salt can be taken as a tea infusion. This can be sweetened with honey if necessary.

Even the tea is drunk before the meal in small sips. This organic product organically cultivates herbs.

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