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Hypertension damages the blood vessels

Vascular by high blood pressure
Blood Vessels in Hypertension

Blood pressure is caused by the pumping action of the heart muscle, which ensures the flow of blood from our blood vessels.

If this pressure is not available, the vessels would go limp because there isn’t a healthy circulation.

This is because they themselves have no muscles or ligaments with which it can form a closed channel.

However, this blood pressure for the blood vessels can also be unhealthy.

Sometimes, high blood pressure in the vessels can lead to problems and it can be really dangerous.

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What happens to the vessels in hypertension?

The pressure of blood flow naturally arises and puts pressure on the vessel walls.

These walls are stretchy and elastic, which get less stretchy with increasing age.

The strength and elasticity of the vessels is sufficient for most people during their lifetime.

One reason is that the body has made provisions for small weaknesses in the veins and knows how fix hairline cracks.

Cholesterol is used to help the blood vessels at the points at which a fine crack is emerging, so the crack is fixed before it even exists.

We don‘t notice anything from this process and the body repairs itself by itself.

However, even the smallest damage of the vessels can also damage our blood pressure - it there is continuously high blood pressure, then it may cause even more damage to the vessel walls.

The vessels are not made for such pressure.

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Short- and longterm damage of the blood vessels

Minor damage caused by high blood pressure can be cemented by the body with dietary cholesterol.

But you should keep the level of cholesterol on the vessel walls within healthy limits.

Because cholesterol is formed into a kind of patch to similar to a plug, the vessel can be similar to a leaky bicycle tube.

The more it is repaired, the weaker it becomes.

A portion of this graft is now protruding into the vessel interior where there is already not much space.

This will lead to an even higher blood pressure.

The damage caused by high blood pressure can be thought of as a calcified faucet.

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More damage the vessels in hypertension

Blood vessels are particularly vulnerable in hypertension
Blood Vessels in Hypertension

The damage to the blood vessels due to high pressure may result in a serious arteriosclerosis.

This is the state of the calcification of the vascular wall, which must be cemented again and be repaired.

A really healthy mechanism of the body is reversed by the high blood pressure to become unhealthy.

Of particular concern of arteriosclerosis is that the vessel can no longer recover, because the damage occurred in the vessels does not regenerate by itself.

This can lead to circulatory problems such as the shortage of vital organs in the long term.

This would also need to be treated alongside high blood pressure that would make medical care even more of a possibility.

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Deposits in the vessels by high blood pressure

Deposits, in this case, cholesterol, will increase the blood pressure because the heart needs to pump stronger to ensure sufficient blood flow.

This may lead to hypo perfusion which is a kind of congestion of the blood in the vessels, which again will only increase the strength required from the heart to pump blood.

Therefore, you should do everything possible to prevent hypo perfusion.

The result is that there will be more pressure on the blood vessels and the already highly stressed tissue can be become even more cracked and porous.

This in turn requires the deposition of new cholesterol - layers in order to repair the damage.

The result is a vicious circle.