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Hypertension damages the brain

High blood pressure is primarily caused by an unhealthy lifestyle.

This widespread disease often occurs with no symptoms and is completely painless.

Therefore it will not be taken seriously by many people.

Although today it is largely known to accelerate the aging process of the brain.

Left untreated, the consequences can result in a significant injury to the brain, which in many cases causes disability and life-threatening issues.

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Stroke due to cardiovascular related brain damage

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Brain Damage in Hypertension

Chronic high blood pressure can damage the organs and has the consequence that the blood vessels are permanently blocked leading them to calcify rapidly.

The vessels that supply the brain are attacked over time.

This means that the blood that supplies the brain with vital nutrients and oxygen cannot flow properly and it leads to an insufficient supply of oxygen.

This, in many cases, causes considerable brain damage that triggers a stroke and the brain tissue is subsequently destroyed.

Depending on the damage to the vessels two types of strokes may occur.

A blocked blood vessel leading to the brain is responsible for the so-called ischemic stroke, if it affects about 80 percent of stroke sufferers.

A stroke that occurs due to a brain haemorrhage affects about 20 percent of patients.

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Hypertension disease no. 1 - brain damage

Strokes are the most common causes of death and are also responsible for a large part of disability cases.

With increasing age, the risk of suffering a stroke gets bigger.

Nearly 50% of all strokes occur in the group of over -75s

People who have a long-term high blood pressure also have a higher risk of a stroke and may notice symptom such as impaired concentration, paralysis and decreased memory and language skills.

Many patients need 24 hours are after suffering from a stroke, and nearly one in ten sufferers of stroke die.

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Dementia risk increases with higher blood pressure

Dementia and hypertension - brain damage
Brain Damage in Hypertension

Alzheimer's comes about as a result of brain damage is one of the most dreaded diseases that.

The memory will gradually fade and this has a very bad effect on the quality of life of patients and their relatives.

In addition to a calcification of the blood vessels, it may come about as a result of high blood pressure that causes damage to the brain.

Moreover dementia can be caused for this reason.

In addition to diabetes and high cholesterol, high blood pressure is mainly responsible for occurring as a result of vascular-related brain damage of Alzheimer's disease.

High systolic blood pressure over a long period of time will cause white matter, extending through a major proportion of the nerve lines which will ultimately become damaged.

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Lesions of the brain by high blood pressure

The gray matter, in which there are the nerve cells is degraded by chronic hypertension.

In addition, there is an injury to the brain, because certain proteins can cross the blood-brain barrier by chronic pressure and settle in the brain.

These protein deposits are detected in the brain and known to be a reason to bring about Alzheimer's.

Through these processes, the damage to the brain may occur from the age of about 55 years, and will render the patient to have significant limitations in their cognitive abilities, which may in turn develop into dementia over the course of time.

German doctors have remedies against high blood pressure

Detectable brain damage in middle age

Brain diseases - high blood pressure possible
Brain damage in Hypertension

High blood pressure in the long run brings significant risks of health problems such as having a stroke.

In studies, scientists found out that even people between thirty and forty years of age can suffer considerable brain damage caused by high blood pressure.

This can already act at only slightly elevated values but is responsible for ensuring that a young person already has an older brain by an average of seven years brain than someone the same age whose values are in the normal range.

The risk of suffering such damage to the brain that leads to cognitive weaknesses as an impairment of learning and memory ability increases the higher the blood pressure

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Strong brain damage at age by hypertension

These cognitive weaknesses can occur at a young age, and increase the likelihood of later developing dementia.

In addition, approximately five percent of all strokes affect people under 40.

Such brain damage can sometimes occur at a young age and lead to dependency or even death.

Elevated blood pressure levels may therefore be ignored in any case.

In the holistic medical literature it is recommended to refrain from polyunsaturated fats because they can lead to brain damage.

Also, in many places it is pointed out that glutamate should be avoided and that the vitamin B12 should be taken regularly.

A vitamin B12 supplement or a multivitamin supplement should be taken regularly.

Ask your doctor for a full blood count to get your vitamin B12 levels.