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Shortness of breath as a result of High Blood Pressure

Solutions for hypertension - symptom breath shortness
Shortness of breath in Hypertension

Some wonder why they can’t breathe properly.

Shortness of breath can be a very serious problem.

It is always best to consult your GP so that you doctor can examine you and see if you condition is dangerous.

If you go to the doctor and are thoroughly tested, it may come out that you have high blood pressure.

When the blood pressure is too high you have hypertension and it is often called the "silent" danger.

There are some symptoms which can indicate that you may have high blood pressure, this includes shortness of breath.

Shortness of breath can be very uncomfortable when you do not get enough air, especially during exercise.

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Shortness of breath as the first symptom of Hypertension

Some signs of breathing difficulties may be dizziness, bluish lips, sweating and anxiety.

In time, you may also develop high blood pressure (hypertension).

Quite often shortness of breath in obese people is clearly visible.

Shortness of breath has to be treated quickly, so you must visit your GP as soon as possible.

Your doctor might refer you to a pulmonologist.

They can definitely find the cause of your shortness of breath.

Make sure that you see your GP quickly so that you can stop or reduce any further complications.

When you have too little air in your lungs, the brain is not properly supplied with oxygen.

Acute shortness of breath can lead to a pulmonary embolism.

A doctor will take a radiograph of the chest (thorax) ​​to determine how far the lung is already affected.

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Dyspnea and Shortness of breath

Dyspnea at hypertension - shortness of breath
Shortness of breath in Hypertension

The doctor can also determine whether it comes from the bronchi of the lungs.

To prevent such a shortness of breath you will be referred to a lung specialist who will prescribe a spray that makes the lungs free again and the blood pressure might return to normal.

Medicine can also help, but it can sometimes lead to further complications.

You should also stop smoking, play sports, exercise in the fresh air and eat a healthy diet to help improve your high blood pressure.

A GP and a pulmonary physician might be able to diagnose exactly what is constricting your blood vessels.

Try to stay healthy and listen to your doctor.


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