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High Blood Pressure Can Lead to Cancer

Cancer is a Possible Result of Hypertension

According to statistics every fourth person in western developed countries suffer from high blood pressure. Also known as hypertension, high blood pressure can often lay undetected for many years. Consequently, subsequent illnesses such as strokes or heart attacks increase in risks. 

However, hypertension can also cause cancer.

Hypertension Raises the Hormone Angiotensin II

Hormones are used to adjust the blood pressure and Angiotensin II is responsible for cause damage which in some instances can lead to cancer.

A cancerous tumour can originate from the injured genotype. Now German cancer groups have studied the connection between Angiotensin II and the development of cancer. This, therefore, includes the results of blood pressure.

Hypertension Can Be Possible Cause of Cancer

A cancer tumour can develop if DNA is damaged. If the cells belonging to the particular DNA strand are damaged, they can sometimes repair themselves. However, high blood pressure can have a strong effect on the regeneration of healthy cells.

If there is too much damage in the genotype then the body loses its ability to regenerate cells and mutations can appear. These mutations can form into cancerous tumours and again keep multiplying, all as a direct result of high blood pressure.

Hereditary Damage, Hypertension and Cancer

Cancer – Can High Blood Pressure Be a Possible Cause?

It isn’t only ultraviolet rays and chemicals which can damage genes and cause cancer.

High blood pressure can also damage genes where cancers can develop. The hormone Angiotensin II is responsible for it.

This hormone is often caused by high blood pressure.

Famous professors of pharmacology and toxicology have proved that genes can be damaged by Angiotensin II. They also know that genotype damage caused by the hormone can be responsible for cancer and comes as a direct result of high blood pressure.

In parallel, drugs were also examined to see if genotype damage can be avoided and cure some types of cancer. Some researchers have had positive results when used against hypertension and there are also better cancer drugs available now.

Endemic Cancer and High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure could be reduced with a healthy lifestyle. Eat a healthier diet, exercise more and try to relax. Now that it’s been established that high blood pressure can cause cancer, then it makes sense to do everything in your power to prevent that from happening.

Progress Made in Cancer Research and Hypertension

Cancer research has contributed in the form a new type of therapy which could be developed to optimise current therapeutic measures. In the last few years, researchers have succeeded in improving the survival chances of people suffering from cancer and the quality of their life.

New attempts of the connection between high blood pressure and cancer have also found something interesting. They found that those with a lower blood pressure had a lesser chance of contracting cancer.

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