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Candida fungal attack and high blood pressure

Solutions for high blood pressure - Candida as a cause
Candida in hypertension

There is a relationship between the fungal disease of Candida albicans and high blood pressure. 

Candida albicans is the scientific name for a Candida species in the genus of yeasts.

This is usually found in different forms and they reproduce asexually.

For the majority of healthy people yeasts on the skin or mucous membranes are detectable, without there being a cause for concern.

The colonization with Candida albicans only becomes a problem if the person has a weakened immune system.

This can be a simple infection or even a generalized disease with greater symptomatology such as Cancer, HIV or heart disease. 

In cases in which the immune system, is for any reason whatsoever, reduced, it may happen that the fungus multiplies excessively in its host.

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Candida fungus as a cause for high blood pressure ?

The yeast can settle on larger areas of skin and in the mucous membranes (mouth, vagina etc.), or it can also infect the whole body.

This is the moment where the affected person is already suffering from various complaints.

If externally visible signs, such as the white lining, thrush or vaginal discharge, doctors can have many problems recognising the Candida Albicans infestation. 

The Candida diagnostics and therapy matched create a tension between conventional medicine and alternative medicine.

Many conventional physicians find it difficult to diagnose for a disease for which they see no clearly visible signs. 

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Candida in hypertension

For a long time it was unknown, for example, that the examination of a stool sample in a conventional laboratory for yeast cannot find fungus.

According to the motto that it “cannot give what is not detectable”, the common treatment of specific Candida was usually in the form of avoiding sugar in the diet.

While it is normal for scientific medicine to account for possible side effects of a drug on the health of patients, such as increased blood pressure, etc., antibiotics were prescribed just as fast as neck pain pills

It took some time until it became known that the use of antibiotics can alter the blood pressure, but can also lead to the destruction of the intestinal flora, which in turn favours colonization with yeast. 

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Candida fungal infection leads to hypertension ?

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Candida in hypertension

While high blood pressure is easy to diagnose and should be treated with blood pressure-lowering agents as well, the impact of antibiotic use and the resulting yeasts were not detected.

Also, it has not been verified whether the fungus may attract other diseases by itself. 

Not many doctors who diagnose hypertension in his patients will look for mushrooms in the body. 

Of course it is perfectly true and essential to connect an existing hypertension in a patient and detect other cardiac causes of high blood pressure.

It would, however, in terms of a cross-disciplinary medical check be difficult to see if there are other causes for high blood pressure. 

Here you can read more about the relationships between Candida fungal infection and high blood pressure


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