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Damage to the cardiovascular system

Cardiovascular system - hypertension problematic
Cardiovascular system in Hypertension

High blood pressure often goes unnoticed.

Regular measurement of blood pressure and a healthy lifestyle will help to prevent hypertension.

If necessary medication might be required to reduce extremely elevated blood pressure values that can cause irreparable damage to the cardiovascular system.

Arterial hypertension

If the blood pressure exceeds 140/90 mmHg, it is called a mild hypertension. A severe hypertension and an emergency situation have values of around 200/110 mmHg.

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Serious consequences for the circulation in hypertension

High blood pressure or hypertension poses one of the biggest risks to your health.

Against the increased pressure in the arteries, the heart must pump harder and therefore work extremely hard.

The consequences are a pathological enlargement of the heart muscle and a weakening of this vital organ.

But also for the blood vessel system, an untreated high blood pressure can have serious consequences.

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Symptoms of hypertension - heart and circulation

The cardiovascular system
Cardiovascular system in Hypertension

The initial stage of a developing arterial hypertension remains mostly unnoticed.

With increasing blood pressure headaches, insomnia and tactile discontinuities may occur when your heart beats.

Even strong heart palpitations may indicate an increase in blood pressure.

In some patients, a special redness of the face indicates a hypertension.

Due to the overload of the heart, which has to maintain the blood circulation due to the high pressure, there may be limitations on the general performance of your body and you might also have concentration problems.

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Regular control of the cardiovascular system

Often hypertension patients suffer from increased nervousness.

These symptoms can be caused by the overload of the cardiovascular system, but they can also be caused by many other diseases.

Therefore, it is important to have control blood pressure regularly.

So when needed you should go to the doctor and get your blood pressure checked.

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