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Allergies and food intolerance

Food allergies
Food intolerance and hypertensionn

Some allergies and food intolerances can be treated with medication.

Some of these drugs are suspected to cause hypertension and one such example includes Corticosteroids.

It seems much more sense to take help from natural sources with regards to food intolerance.

Foods that are rich in chlorophyll, can lead to a build-up of chlorophyll in the liver and so decrease food intolerance. 

fight hypertension with german remedies

Dietary supplements for high blood pressure

Such chlorophyll rich foods are also available as dietary supplements.

Chlorophyll revitalizes, heals and protects, and this substance is produced by sunlight.

In e-commerce, there are many types of chlorophyll and chlorophyll capsules and powders.

Micro-algae such as spirulina, chlorella or alfalfa have a large amount chlorophyll and you may want to try them in your fight against food intolerance. 

This will then help you to reduce your high blood pressure.

Also, Omega 3 fatty acids will also help to counteract food intolerance.

If you are unsure, you should consult with your doctor or medical practitioner.

Another possibility as to why you might be suffering from food intolerance is an infestation of Candida albicans.

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fight hypertension with german remedies

Fungal infection with Candida as a cause for hypertension

This Candida fungus is suspected to be a major cause of hypertension as well as for other diseases such as dementia diseases (Parkinson's or Alzheimer's) and cancer.

Many people suffering from high blood pressure also have this fungus.

Unfortunately, a connection cannot be proven by science.

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Food intolerance - not yet arrived in our consciousness

Allergies to foods are very common
Food intolerance and hypertension

Most doctors take the blood pressure of their patients during routine visits.

A change of diet should be taken into account.

The usual practice recommended for hypertension is a diet that is low in salt, low in fat, and includes lots of fruits and fresh vegetables.

Here, studies are already available that demonstrate an immediate improvement in blood pressure in people with food intolerances when the corresponding foods were avoided. 

For an allergy this is also true.

The difficulty lies in the fact that not every food intolerance or allergy causes any discomfort to the body or the blood pressure, and therefore increased blood pressure levels cannot always be attributed to allergies or intolerances.

Allergic reactions and high blood pressure is simply not clear enough in terms of the symptoms.

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The risk to suffer by hypertension

Is there an increased risk of developing hypertension with all allergies?

No, maybe not.

With an allergy or intolerance, your lifestyle should be adjusted and the harmful substance should be avoided.

The defence mechanisms of the body should be minimised.

The situation is different if the incompatibilities are not recognized and are suppressed by medication or allergy-causing substances that cannot be avoided.

The permanent state of stress on the body leads to the increased risk of an elevated blood pressure

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