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German doctors have remedies against high blood pressure

Causes of high blood pressure - Cholesterol levels

Cholesterol and hypertension frequently link together
Cholesterol and hypertension

With high blood pressure, you must pay attention to your cholesterol levels 

It is often demonized, but at the same time it is vital for us.

It involves the material that our body uses to repair torn vessel walls.

As the vessel walls get more cracks, the more cholesterol our body produces and it becomes clogged in the blood vessels.

As a result, the blood can no longer easily flow through and the blood pressure rises.

If one wants to reduce the resulting high blood pressure, it is essential to be mindful of what you are eating and focus on healthy, nutritious and natural food wherever possible. 

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High blood pressure and high cholesterol

With age, our blood vessels become less elastic and less stable and it’s inevitable that even the slightest cracks will start to appear.

For a healthy body this is no problem as it assumes all cholesterol from the diet to take to the weak points so that these issues are no longer noticeable.

If we eat an unhealthy diet we risk the preservation of our body tissue.

The unhealthier the diet, the more likely it is that cholesterol will accumulate in the blood vessels. 

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Remedies from Germany fight high blood pressure

With high blood pressure care your cholesterol

keep your cholesterol under control in hypertension
Cholesterol with hypertension

However, since these blockages are exactly where the blood must flow, it complicates the natural circulation and the blood pressure rises to get past these "obstacles".

If you want to reduce high blood pressure, then you should try to prevent new cracks in the blood vessels with healthy eating.

This will also help your body to protect against other bad diseases too. 

High blood pressure reduction through mindful eating 

A low-cholesterol diet is the first step to tackle high blood pressure.

If you want to permanently reduce high blood pressure, you should generally think about your diet. 

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Remedies against high blood pressure
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When suffering of hypertension you should diet

Avoid processed foods - Cholesterol and hypertension

Highly processed foods such as ready meals lead to increased cholesterol.

Moreover, alcohol and cigarettes will also cause damage to the lining of the veins.

If you eat fresh vegetables, take a little less meat or a low-fat version such as poultry or fish then you will start to feel better all round and you will notice that you blood pressure is lowering.

Essentially, your body needs some cholesterol to function properly, however, too much cholesterol can have an adverse effect on your body and you should be careful about what you eat.

Again, smoking and drinking will cause your body to deteriorate very quickly, so should be avoided at all costs


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