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Cocaine and High Blood Pressure

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Cocaine and hypertension


Cocaine is an addictive substance that can become highly addictive because of repeated enjoyment.

Cocaine has a huge influence on the emotional state of people and their motivation can change entirely.

The drive to keep taking the drug continuously increases and the drug is very harmful for your health.

The central nervous system, the spinal cord and the brain are all affected.

However, it may also have other effects, such as high blood pressure, and hypertension.

Health problems caused by cocaine: 

Cocaine can cause headaches and drastic mood changes in a short time.

High blood pressure and hypertension are often the result of taking cocaine.

But it can also lead to respiratory paralysis or to an accelerated breathing pattern.

Some people can even get epileptic seizures. 

When taking the drug, the cardiovascular system is stimulated, the veins are constricted and the blood pressure increases.

The pulse intensifies and it can cause damage to the brain and the heart.

The pupils dilate and it can lead to a psychological and physical dependence on cocaine.

The craving for the drug stops quite quickly and can a user can be left with a psychological burden that takes a long time to get over.

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Cocaine can cause hypertension

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Cocaine and hypertension

It is often reported that by repeatedly taking cocaine will lower the threshold of the person concerned.

You feel mentally and physically superior to others, but the fact is that the blood pressure increases and the risk of hypertension also increase.

Often the desire for attention and success can be a motivation to take up the drug.

People become overconfident and this can be very dangerous for motorists.

Another motivation is that the feeling of hunger suppressed in consumption.

People who suffer from weight problems sometimes use cocaine to help them to lose weight.

Cocaine triggers a temporary euphoric feeling but the risk of high blood pressure is constant.

In the consumer, it often takes only a few minutes until the drug has arrived in the brain. 

Then you go into a so-called smoke stage, which leads to depression.

Taking cocaine can be fatal.

In the past rumours of large scale use in the modelling industry are always present.


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