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Dangerous Consequences of High Blood Pressure

The consequences of high blood pressure
Hypertension and its consequences


High blood pressure can have life-threatening consequences, such as heart attacks and strokes to name just a few. These consequences of hypertension can lead directly to death.

Therefore, high blood pressure should be treated quickly. Click here to read more about the dangerous consequences.

The Consequences of High Blood Pressure from A - Z

Consequences of hypertension A - Z
Hypertension and its consequences from A to Z


The consequences of hypertension are clearly described. Not all consequences of high blood pressure are life-threatening. Many complications can still have a large negative impact on your quality of life and limit you significantly in your normal life.

Here you will find a list of all diseases that can be caused by high blood pressure in alphabetical order.

Organ Damages as a Consequence of High Blood Pressure

Consequences on your organs
Organ consequences of high blood pressure


High blood pressure can damage a variety of organs as the high blood pressure continues to cause problems for the vascular system, especially the smallest arteries of the organs.

Damage to the kidney, the brain, the liver and the lungs are possible.

Click here to read more about the various consequential damages of hypertension in our bodies.

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