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High blood pressure by contraceptives

Hypertension - contraceptives are a possible reason
Contraceptives in hypertension

Like so many important basic functions of our body control hormones also our blood pressure and generally providing only that it moves within the healthy paths.

Are we excited and stressed, he may go - we do not fit well enough on health, it falls.

Modern contraception also engages the hormonal feedback systems of our body, but which are often so complex that side effects can not be avoided.

This is unfortunately also true for the one or other contraceptives and may be caused by taking first to hypertension.

Whether this is already dangerous or not - and what you can do about it, to have nevertheless protected sexual intercourse can - should make sure in any case with the prescribing physician.

This can choose the right contraceptive for you in hypertension.

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Hypertension through the birth control pill

Not every pill, but most can bring as a side effect a high blood pressure with it.

Whether this happens depends on the preparation, the most pills are quite similar doses, and a slight increase in blood pressure so most users will occur inside.

Is it possible a woman for the first time prescribe the pill or puts the preparation, they should seize the first checkup after six months at the gynecologist and ask for this blood pressure measurement.

This can be determined if the blood pressure is too high and whether action is relative to the contraceptive.

With suitable instruments and measurements can be made between the home, if you want to be sure.

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Risk group prevention and hypertension

Hypertension by pill - you lower the blood pressure
Contraceptives in hypertension

A special risk of hypertension by contraceptives depict women over 35 because they quickly a rise in blood pressure get as young women.

This is especially true if they smoke and do for several years, also does not want to stop.

Risks of hormonal contraception

Since the birth control pill is taken orally, it acts throughout the body and can interfere with hormonal feedback systems, with which it has to do directly nothing.

Something else that is with a contraceptive which acts locally, as in the various forms of the spiral.

Although this is also there mostly still to hormonal contraceptives, but does not take effect on the whole body.

Thus, this represents an alternative to contraceptives such as the pill or the contraceptive patch, if a woman has not tolerate and suffering by preventing hypertension.

Just then the physician should nevertheless examine the blood pressure to make sure that nothing has happened.

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High blood pressure only by prevention?

Most contraceptives cause a slight increase in blood pressure when they act on hormonal way.

Unless one renounces the hormonal contraceptives, including but few women and couples will be ready.

If the woman is suffering from hypertension should other contraceptives be an option.

A slight change in blood pressure by preventing should be offset by a healthy lifestyle, some fitness and exercise and avoiding harmful substances such as cigarettes and moderate consumption of alcohol.

By no later than 35 women should consider but anyway if you want to take side effects such as the potential high blood pressure or other symptoms caused by hormonal contraception in purchasing.

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Watch your heart when you prevent

A permanent high pressure on the blood vessels by contraceptives can make chapped and cracked, so they must be cemented.

It arises in the vascular graft a kind, but in turn impedes the free circulation.

The more needs to be "stuffed", the more disabled over time, the blood flow and can lead to increased blood pressure as the heart muscle has to do more to provide the body still enough blood.

Before that happens, an alternative contraceptive for concerned should rather be selected from hypertension.

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