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Blood Pressure Values ​​- the correct Measurement

Measurement of blood pressure in hypertension
Blood pressure measurement on the wrist or the upper arm

Blood pressure values ​​- the correct measurement

In general, blood pressure values ​​are always specified with two readings. First, the reading with which the heart pumps the blood into the aorta (the systolic value) and the value that can be measured when the heart relaxes and thus generates no pressure (diastolic). This explains why the first value is higher than the second value.

Basically, the blood pressure is measured in millimetres of mercury (mmHg).

A mmHg corresponds to the pressure where 1 mm of mercury is produced.

So, who needs to measure their own blood pressure and how to do it?

First, you should rest for about 5 minutes before the measurement. And then the blood pressure should be measured in the morning before you take any medication. Moreover, a cup of coffee or a cigarette should not be consumed before the measurement is taken.

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Recommendations for Blood Pressure Measurement

Regularly measure your blood pressure
Measurements for hypertension and high blood pressure

It is recommended to repeat the blood pressure after a short waiting period (one to two minutes).

If the values ​​differ from each other, then the second value is usually the more reliable.

When in doubt, you can also measure a third time, but we recommend that you use the other arm this time around.

Do not talk during the measurement process.

If you use a device for measuring blood pressure at the wrist then you need to make sure that the wrist is at heart level to get the most accurate measurements.

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Regularly measure your Blood Pressure

Instruments for high blood pressure measurement
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Upper arm measurement devices usually consist of a cuff and the actual test device. It is important to get the correct seating of the cuff on the arm. You should adjust the cuff correctly.

Furthermore, the bottom of the cuff should not end more than 3 cm above the elbow. Make sure that you hold the arm at an angle so that it doesn’t artificially increase the blood pressure.

When you purchase a digital blood pressure monitor there are a few things that you need to take into consideration.

One of the biggest advantages of these devices is that they are very sophisticated devices and you can save the data in your phone or in your computer to evaluate the information. You can take this along to your doctor for discussion.

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