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High Blood Pressure - The Course of the Disease

Course of high blood pressure
The course of high blood pressure

High blood pressure is considered to be a common disease in the western industrialized nations. Stress, obesity and an unhealthy diet are the main factors that cause the disease. High blood pressure can also be genetic.

In addition, the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and drugs also give rise to high blood pressure. The following is a typical course of the disease from the results of the first early symptoms that may be encountered. This disease course is designed to help in identify symptoms, and if necessary, enable you to take timely interventions and seek medical assistance.

Recognize High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is an insidious disease that can have years of no serious complaints and in this way often remains untreated or even undetected.

Often consequences of a failure to treat, means that the disease is at an advanced level when sufferers go and seek medical attention.

Most damage has already been done in the different organs, which are then diagnosed the doctor. A high blood pressure itself usually causes no direct complaints.

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Regular Measuring of your Blood Pressure

It is important to measure your own blood pressure regularly. This allows you to identify the disease and to intervene in the disease process at an early stage.

This isn’t just for those who are high risk and already have symptoms connected with blood pressure, it applies to everyone. Obesity, stress, a poor diet and high tobacco and alcohol consumption (and of course the consumption of other drugs) can also lead to hypertension.

There is also the possibility of a predisposition to high blood pressure if parents or other close relatives already suffer from high blood pressure. A blood pressure monitor should always be present in every household and used to take regular measurements.

As a guideline, a normal blood pressure is around the value of 130/85 mmHg. Such devices have been around for quite a long time and they are generally inexpensive and a daily measurement can be an important part of diagnosing problems.

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The Complaints with High Blood Pressure

Development of high blood pressure
How high blood pressure is developing

In the later course of the disease of high blood pressure symptoms include headaches that feel as if your head is pulsating, throbbing or pressing.

It can also lead to temporary or permanent vision problems which can also result in more severe problems.

Dizziness, drowsiness, nausea and seizures are some of the other symptoms. In the long term, increased blood pressure can also cause damage to all the organs that are involved in the metabolic cycle.

The heart, kidneys and liver are particularly affected here. Other diseases or incidents such as strokes or heart attacks can leave you very fragile and vulnerable.

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The Doctor's Visit with High Blood Pressure

So that it does not have to come that far, you should go to the doctor for regular check-ups. As already mentioned, one should measure the pulse every now and so that it does not result in a sudden and rude awakening at the doctor’s surgery or hospital.

A doctor is will make an examination and check the pulse and accurately diagnose any problems. A physician will perform the appropriate examinations and provide you with an accurate diagnosis, because of high blood pressure is a common phenomenon in our society. 

The doctor will issue the appropriate treatment or therapy against your high blood pressure and prescribe medication where necessary. He will also give the patients his medical advice on diet and exercise. The treatment itself can be very different. A diagnosis and the corresponding treatment differ depending on the individual. 

It’s always important to seek a second medical opinion. It is best to contact a very experienced high blood pressure doctor, who can then also draw on his wealth of experience and can design a tailor-made therapy. Experienced high blood pressure physicians can be found in our Doctors Directory.

Prevent High Blood Pressure

The prevention of high blood pressure is always preferred to reactive treatment. As with so many other diseases a balanced diet and regular physical activity is better than the best therapy against high blood pressure.

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