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Cushing Syndrome and High Blood Pressure

Cushing Syndrome as a Possible Result of Hypertension

A risk of high blood pressure and Cushing syndrome.

High blood pressure is one of the most common diseases in the western world. Hypertension has become of the largest problems for today’s “civilised” world. One possible result of having high blood pressure is getting Cushing syndrome.

If you have high blood pressure of an extended period, you should seek medical treatment.

Untreated high blood pressure can lead to many other illnesses and diseases such as Cushing syndrome. Hypertension (high blood pressure) and Cushing syndrome should be diagnosed as early as possible because they can lead to bigger problems and in some cases can even cause death. The connection between high blood pressure and Cushing syndrome is dangerous and should be noted.

Cushing Syndrome as a Result of High Blood Pressure

There are many different reasons as to why one might get high blood pressure.

In many cases the actual cause of high blood pressure can’t be found. In this case, it’s probable that it was caused by stress.

With Cushing syndrome is a result of a hypertension the first provable sign is high levels of cortisol in the body.

Cortisol is a steroid hormone of vital importance which is produced in a part of the adrenal bark. Several It is delivered to the circulatory system a few times a day and too much can cause Cushing syndrome as a result of a high blood pressure.

Cortisol is important for the person, because after it reaches the metabolism other processes take place.

As long as the person lives a well-balanced life and the circulation is relatively stable, Cortisol is also released in a well-balanced measure and hypertension and Cushing syndrome does not appear.

Nevertheless, Cushing syndrome often originates in case of ongoing stress. Stress can be physical or mental and can also cause hypertension.

In some cases, an inflammation in the body can lead to the fact that the body pushes out too much Cortisol and can cause Cushing syndrome.

A temporarily raised delivery of Cortisol increases the blood pressure. This is normal for healthy people. But a prolonged delivery can cause problems.

Cortisol with Cushing Syndrome Caused by High Blood Pressure

The Cushing syndrome

A raised production of Cortisol for a longer period can cause high blood pressure and with it the Cushing syndrome.

With this form of high blood pressure, the adrenal gland and the narrowing of the arteries in the nephritic area will increase the blood pressure.

With Cushing syndrome, a raised level of Cortisol in the blood is found. Cushing syndrome is also called the stress syndrome. 

The body looks weak and fat with a round face. Contrary to the barrel-like body form, muscle degradation occurs in the arms and legs, probably as a result of high blood pressure. These are clear signs of the Cushing syndrome.

Freedom of movement is limited by the Cushing syndrome. Moreover, a person suffering with high blood pressure will also feel weak.

In other instances, the sex organs can lose their strength and impotence can be a result of Cushing syndrome.

Because illness can be connected with a tumour in the kidneys or the pituitary gland, detailed investigations are also necessary with regard to Cushing of syndrome and too high blood pressure.

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