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High Blood Pressure - Remedy - Dandelion

Dandelion is a very valuable plant. Many people think that Dandelion is a troublesome weed.

In fact, Dandelions are considered to be a very valuable medicinal plant.

Dandelion detoxifies and purifies the blood.

So if you see yellowish herbs that are about six inches high and remove them, you should not throw them away.

You can use the entire plant to help with hypertension.

The leaves of the plant can be gathered from April to August, and the roots should not be discarded, since they are a valuable asset.

The roots should be cut out from September to November.

The more you wait until the fall, the sweeter the roots are. It is best, however, when the leaves are collected before the flowering period.

The stem is hollow and it is very milky. The taste of the stem is very bitter. The more bitter it is, then the better it is for the body.

Dandelion is good for blood pressure

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Lower High Blood Pressure naturally with Dandelion

The dandelion in hypertension can help us to reduce high blood pressure naturally and quickly
Dandelion and Hypertension


Dandelions can help us to reduce high blood pressure naturally and quickly

The dandelion is a successful remedy to lower high blood pressure naturally

The herb lowers high blood pressure and purifies the blood. The leaves of the plant contain many important vitamins that are good for the human body.

They drive the kidneys, and have a big effect on the bladder. The herb is considered one of the most important remedies, especially for the internal organs.

As a tea or in a salad, the plant promotes blood circulation of the body. High blood pressure, also called hypertension, can also be helped with dandelions.

The herb also has a detoxifying effect that is especially good for the liver. Also digestion and appetites are stimulated.

Remedies from Germany fight high blood pressure

Dandelion for natural reducing the Blood Pressure

Dandelion farmland

The tea from the yellow herb brings helps with high blood pressure.

The cause of hypertension is often difficult to find. Therefore, one can resort to medicinal plants and to prevent serious diseases such as hypertension.

The impact of vitamins contained in dandelions is important. These include vitamin C, and various dyes, such as bitters, and oils all play an important role.

All this has a positive effect on the human body.

You can collect the precious yellow weed in fields and meadows.

However, one should not pick the herbs that grow directly on the roadside, because they can be full of pollutants.




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How helpful is Dandelion for High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is regulated by the two hormones angiotensin I and II

If there is too much angiotensin II then the blood vessels can narrow and lead to hypertension

Foods such as herbs are often used in Chinese Medicine to help combat hypertension.

These include dandelion herbs that contain blood purifiers and have a blood-forming effect.

High blood pressure is often the result of stress, tension, dissatisfaction, great responsibility and difficult decisions in family life.

Dandelion herbs help to lower the blood pressure because they help with the glandular system. They also stimulate the liver and bile

Dandelions are best taken in the form of tea. But you can get dandelion supplements from the pharmacy.

The herb has a bitter taste but is high in potassium. The chemical diuretics, however, deprives the body of potassium.

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Dandelion - Effective as a Medicine ?

Hypertension need not be - Lowering with dandelion naturally high blood pressure
Dandelion in Hypertension

Use Dandelion to lower the blood pressure naturally

Dandelions can help with hypertension

Diuretics are drugs that cause a washout of water from the body by the kidneys.

Diuretics are also known as water pills.

In general, dandelions should not be taken in case of blocked bile ducts, since the plant promotes secretion of bile. 

The active ingredients of dandelions are the bitter taraxacin, vitamins (A, B1, B2, C and E)triterpenes, tannins, flavonoids, mineral salts, choline and inulin. 

In medicine, there are all kinds of drugs that lower blood pressure.

ACE inhibitors block the ACE protein, causing the high blood pressure to be released. Of course angiotensin antagonists, stop the secretion of the hormone angiotensin II.

Beta blockers block the so-called beta-receptors that are responsible for adrenaline, which can lead to hypertension.

However, beta-blockers slow the heartbeat and should not be taken in case of heart failure.

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Dandelion in use for High Blood Pressure

Dandelions and hypertension

The aforementioned diuretics prevent the kidney to transport minerals back into the bloodstream. 

These minerals are excreted, so limit the diuresis and the amount of fluid in the body is reduced.

This will also boost the blood circulation again. None of these agents include the dandelion herb. Its active ingredients are replaced with preparations. 

Therefore, these drugs act stronger or faster than the herb, but dandelions also have fewer side effects.

Natural Pure Medicinal juice is recommended. The juice is made using vegan methods.

Packs of 200ml cost around $10 and are available over the counter in pharmacies or health food stores

Here you can learn the importance of Date in hypertension.

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