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If the Diagnosis is Hypertension

The diagnosis of hypertension is particularly important
Diagnosis in Hypertension

Normally, the doctor takes a patient's blood pressure during a routine visit.

Since a high blood pressure does not hurt, there are not immediately apparent risks that patients should be aware of and this is one of the reasons why they should purchase a blood pressure monitor and monitor their own blood pressure.

The optimal blood pressure is where the systolic value and the diastolic value is under 120 and 80.

So a ratio of 120 to 80 is the normal blood pressure up to a value of less than 130 and less than 85, anything higher than this is high blood pressure.

The diagnosis of hypertension is usually done by taking a measurement of the blood pressure on the upper arm.

If high blood pressure is diagnosed, kidneys, heart and eyes are examined for consequential damage.

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The visit to the Family Doctor and the Diagnosis

Hypertension diagnosis - blood pressure measurement
Diagnosis in Hypertension

The doctor measures the blood pressure on the upper arm and hypertension is painless and can be quickly determined.

Then, the severity can then be assigned based on certain criteria.

If there are no underlying diseases and an increased systolic rate of 140 mmHg and/or an increased diastolic value of over 90 mmHg is found on 2 different days, it is called essential hypertension (primary hypertension).

Secondary hypertension may be excluded if there are no underlying diseases.

If high blood pressure is found, organs, such as heart, eyes, kidneys and blood vessels, are assessed by urine and blood tests, ECG and ultrasound to help find any consequential damages.

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As the blood pressure is measured in the diagnosis?

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Diagnosis in Hypertension

How is blood pressure measured?

To perform a blood pressure measurement, a cuff from the general practitioner is placed around the upper arm of the person and then inflated to a certain pressure.

The objective here is to measure the compression vessel on the upper arm to assess the blood flow.

The pressure is then released from the cuff, the vessel is opened and the blood can continue to flow.

If the vessel is not yet fully opened, the blood flow can be unsteady.

The doctor can then hear the turbulence through a stethoscope or measured with an electric device.

Here you will find everything related to the topic measurement of high blood pressure, ranging from monitoring through self-monitoring to measured values.

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What to look for in the diagnosis of hypertension?

A systolic (upper) value is when the blood pressure is measured or heard for the first time.

If the vessel is then completely open and has the blood flow returns to normal, sound from the vessel produces the diastolic (lower) value.

What errors are there in the blood pressure measurement?

The following things should be noted during the measurement of the blood pressure to avoid errors.

- A pad is placed over the arm at heart level and the blood pressure measurement is taken.

- The cuff size should be selected properly.

- People should be relaxed when the measurement is taken.

- At the cuff of pressure, relief should take place slowly.

- Before the blood pressure measurement people shouldn’t smoke, drink alcohol and/or coffee.

Here you can read more about the diagnosis of high blood pressure.

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Diagnosis in Hypertension

- General diagnosis

- Medical history

- Basic examination

- Blood counts generally

- Full Blood count

- Blood count

- Ultrasound

- ECG (electrocardiogram)

- X-ray the chest

- Hormone analysis

- Blood fat deposits

- Risk Test

- Diagnostic Key ICD-10

- Urine Test

- Funduscopy

- Echocardiography

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