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Diagnosis high blood pressure - as the doctor diagnose it

Help hypertension - Proper diagnosis of the doctor
Diagnosis of Hypertension

The diagnosis of high blood pressure is particularly important

An important examination for diagnosing hypertension is by taking the blood pressure.

However, a single measurement on any given day says nothing about whether someone is suffering from hypertension and would therefore require treatment.

The blood pressure of a person varies throughout the day and is generally increased after exercise.

Even nervousness during the measurement can cause the blood pressure increases!

In order to correctly diagnose high blood pressure you need to take repeated measurements of the blood pressure at the doctors and/or a long-term ECG.

To differentiate primary from secondary hypertension, the physician takes the patient's blood and urine samples and may also scan the kidneys using an ultrasonic device. 

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Diagnose high blood pressure and consequential diseases

It is important for high blood pressure that you get the correct diagnosis

As a result of untreated high blood pressure problems can arise and other diseases such as atherosclerosis, kidney disease, heart attack, stroke, and cardiovascular can occur.

Often these discoveries will also lead to the discovery of hypertension

It is important to get a second opinion

This is best done by a specialized high blood pressure doctor, who through his extensive experience in this field has other options than a normal GP would have.

On our portal you will find a directory of physicians that are highly experienced in hypertension.

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Off risk through proper diagnosis of high blood pressure

Diagnosis hypertension - Physician must clarify points
Diagnosis of Hypertension

The early stages of hypertension

After diagnosis, the person concerned must lower their blood pressure.

There are medications such as beta blockers or ACE inhibitors that can lower the blood pressure, but can have adverse side effects.

Alternatively, sufferers of hypertension can lower their blood pressure naturally

High blood pressure - what to do

The best way is to follow this advice and lower your blood pressure naturally.

First you must reduce your weight if you are overweight.

Pay attention to a healthy diet and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, be physically active and avoid stress.

Smokers should also quit smoking.

With all these measures, the blood pressure will reduce.

To determine how successful you are you should measure your blood pressure at home regularly and record the data.

If you lead a healthy lifestyle, the threat of a heart attack will be greatly reduced.

Here you will find a medical history of high blood pressure.

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Diagnosis in Hypertension

- General diagnosis

- Medical history

- Basic examination

- Blood counts generally

- Full Blood count

- Blood count

- Ultrasound

- ECG (electrocardiogram)

- X-ray the chest

- Hormone analysis

- Blood fat deposits

- Risk Test

- Diagnostic Key ICD-10

- Urine Test

- Funduscopy

- Echocardiography

High blood pressure and weight loss - diets against hypertension