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Diagnostic key ICD-10 in hypertension

The diagnostic code ICD-10
Diagnostic key ICD-10 in Hypertension

ICD refers to the abbreviation of International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems.

It was created by the World Health Organization.

The key is the term for an abbreviation by which the disease is known, for example, it is on the medical certificate of the doctor works for a health insurance company.

The abbreviation I-10 refers to patients that have essential (primary) high blood pressure.

This gives important information about the way in which the treatment must be carried out, for example, when you might need to be referred to another doctor.

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Do you know the diagnostic key for hypertension?

The diagnosis code for hypertension

Since there are different codes for high blood pressure the doctor knows which range of hypertension you have.

This ranges from -10 to -15 and the doctor can therefore treat high blood pressure effectively.

Since blood pressure diseases show up differently, there are different codes.

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The diagnosis code is also true for high blood pressure 

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Diagnostic key for hypertension in Austria

In some countries such as the USA and Australia, as well as Austria and Germany, country-specific ICD extensions are used.

The code ICD-9-CM (clinical modification) is used in the United States.

The version of ICD-10BMG 2013, however, is applied in Austria.

The ICD-10 code is used in Germany in the outpatient setting other codes include:

- A - Exclusion of a disease

- G - confirmed diagnosis

- V - suspicion

- Z - symptom-free state after illness


- R - right

- L - left

- B - Both Sides 

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Diagnosis-related group in hypertension

Hypertension need not be - ICD-10 diagnostic codes
Diagnostic key ICD-10 in Hypertension

The diagnosis code for hypertension is important.

Today a Diagnosis Related Group (DRG Diagnosis-related group case) code is calculated from the OPS and the ICD code.

So then a diagnosis and case-based procedure is possible.

The OPS encryption, together with the ICD, is particularly important for hospitals.

The DRG system was introduced in 2003 in Germany.

The objective of this system is to enable control of the development costs.

In Germany there is the so-called diagnosis thesaurus, which is the alphabetical index ICD-10-GM.

Since 1 January 2014, the ICD-10-GM version 2014 is applied to the encryption of diagnoses, such as the blood pressure in the outpatient and inpatient care.

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