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Diet games - losing weight really fast!

Diet games - losing weight really fast!

Help with hypertension 

If you suffer from high blood pressure you should try different diets. If you want really to slim down fast you need to know more about the different diets. We will show you how to combine different diets so you can really lose weight fast.


There are many different diets including high-carb, low-carb, Atkins, food combining, Mayr diet, 5:2 diet, cabbage soup, Hollywood diet, raw food diet, calorie counting, and more. A lot of new weight loss concepts come from the USA. However, most diets are pretty boring in the long run and after a certain time we often lose motivation to keep up with the diet.

Trying different diets

A totally new concept from Germany is playing with the various weight-loss programs. By doing this, you can lose weight even faster within a short period of time. 

Here is an example.  For breakfast only eat carbohydrates. For lunch, eat a low fat minestrone soup with bread but don’t eat any meat or fish or anything high in protein. In the evening only eat protein and fats such as cheese, ham or steak with salad, grilled fish with vegetables. For dessert eat some assorted nuts. 

Losing weight with high blood pressure 

Hypertensive patients have to watch their weight 

This may sound strange at first glance but you will lose weight very quickly. Mix food combining the Atkins diet and raw food diet on some days and try to incorporate the 5:2 diet in your diet plan. You will be more successful if you strictly adhere to one type of diet, but if your diet is varied then the pounds will melt like butter in the sun. 

Weekends are very suitable for the Mayr Kur cure. First thing in the morning drink a glass of water with Epsom salts and it will cleans your gastrointestinal tract and causes waste products to leave your body faster. 

Then eat 2 slices of wholemeal bread with low fat spread and drink 1 cup of coffee. Lunch should be some fish with vegetables which is an excellent food because it contains lots of protein, iodine and many vitamins. 

In the afternoon you can have a snack with a glass of buttermilk and at night you eat some smoked fish and some low-fat cheese without bread.


Change your diet regularly

Slim and healthy

For patients with hypertension it is important to stay thin

At the beginning of the week you can start the first day of fasting with the 5:2 diet. Here you should eat no more than 500 calories (men are allowed 600 calories). Then you live a few days after fasting period where you can eat a normal diet. On the normal days you should not consume more than 1300 calories (1450 men). After five days you then can do the second 5:2 fasting period.


So now you can incorporate the 5:2 method in your diet plan to help you to lose weight even faster.

The Mayr Cure for high blood pressure 

Obesity in hypertension 

High blood pressure patients should not be overweight 

At the weekend, try the Mayr diet again. Take the Epsom salts first thing in the morning. Half an hour after taking the salts you can eat again. Then you can feast with delicious recipes from Mayr. 

If you learn to play with the different diets you will lose weight more rapidly than if you stubbornly follow a single diet.

However, it is important to always drink plenty of water because water binds acids in the gastrointestinal tract. And while losing weight many acids are formed in your body. These acids must always be bound to quickly lose weight. Make life easier for yourself and try a variety of diets and get your dream figure as soon as possible.