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High blood pressure can cause dizziness

Dizziness as a possible consequence of hypertension
Dizziness in Hypertension

Dizziness is a symptom that shows up in various diseases, and is usually accompanied by a rotatory or postural feeling.

It can also occur directly before fainting.

We distinguish different types of vertigo such as turning or unsteadiness, depending on the main symptom or assumed cause.

Sometimes dizziness can be a warning sign of high blood pressure, particularly when the dizziness is accompanied with other symptoms such as headache, tiredness, redness of the face, shortness of breath or a nosebleed.

The most typical form of dizziness that is often attributed to high blood pressure, is the so -called non-vestibular dizziness, which cannot be traced back to a primary disorder of the vestibular system in the inner ear, but often refers to circulatory disorders.

This type of vertigo usually manifests itself at different times and without any connection to a specific physical activity.

Also, it is independent of the body position of the person concerned.

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Dizziness caused by hypertension

Here, high blood pressure can on the one hand lead to chronic dizziness in the form of a permanently existing and often indeterminate daze or vestibular vertigo.

On the other hand, sudden hypertensive (acute, critical increases in blood pressure often with very high blood pressure and other symptoms such as sweating and panic feelings) can lead to violent attacks of vertigo that do not go often associated with emergency operations.

Since blood pressure increases are often little or have no symptoms or warning signs then dizziness or unexplained shortness of breath should be taken seriously, and you should seek medical attention.

One suspected causes of dizziness can be high blood pressure, which comes about through an increased flow resistance in the bloodstream.

The heart in turn reacts to this with an increase in the pumping rate.

Even vascular changes in the vicinity of the brain may also play a role in high blood pressure.

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The dizziness and high blood pressure

Dizziness caused by hypertension a severe consequence
Dizziness in Hypertension

There is often a variety of other causes for the occurrence of dizziness symptoms (for example, disorders of the vestibular system itself, damage to the cervical spine, various neurological disorders or mental disorders) and you should have a detailed diagnosis and anamnesis.

In this framework, as well as other tests such as balance tests, eye exams, and clarification of hearing loss, the doctor should place a special emphasis on the blood pressure (using long-term measurements as well).

Traditional Chinese medicine can sometimes help with vertigo.

Check with your doctor so that you can get to the bottom of your high blood pressure and its possible cause.

At several points in holistic literature, lettuce, especially iceberg lettuce, is associated with dizziness and it is not recommended to eat.

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