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German doctors have remedies against high blood pressure

High blood pressure as a cause of using drugs

Drugs and hypertension - a dangerous mix
Drug use in hypertension

Drugs of any kind can have a negative impact on blood pressure and can have an adverse result in high blood pressure values.

When it comes to the development of high blood pressure, a great importance must be attached to the consumption of alcohol.

Anyone who drinks too much alcohol, is at risk from severe hypertension. 

In men, a pint of beer or half a litre of wine per day is sufficient to cause high blood pressure.

In women, this it is only half of this amount.

These values can vary slightly depending on the alcohol tolerance

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Alcohol is a drug as well - avoid in hypertension

The blood pressure will increase because the heart rate is increased by the consumption of alcohol, so that more blood is pumped at a higher pressure.

In addition, hiding in the alcohol are many calories that contribute to the development of obesity, which in turn can also cause hypertension.

Furthermore, smoking is one of the biggest dangers when it comes to hypertension.

The nicotine in the body ensures a permanent increase in blood pressure, due to the narrowing of the blood vessels, which in turn leads to an increased vulnerability when it comes to the hardening of the arteries.

The risk of strokes or heart attacks is therefore very high.

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rug use in hypertension

Consumption of soft drugs such as cannabis can eventually lead to hypertension.

Doctors say that cannabis consumption is quite safe as it is known actually have a positive effect on the blood pressure values.

However, the fact that the cannabis ingredient THC leads to an increased heart rate increases the chances of getting hypertension.

To determine the exact effect of THC in the blood pressure, further long-term studies in patients are needed. 

The use of cocaine and other hard drugs are significantly worse.

Recent studies have shown that patients with occasional consumption of these drugs are far more likely to get hypertension and vascular problems than those that abstain.

Regular consumers will have significantly worse symptoms.

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Hard drugs and hypertension

Cocaine and other hard drugs lead to a sharp increase in blood pressure, which even after 48 hours is still measurable when the effect of the substances has long since subsided.

The studies show that heavy drugs, even with rare consumption, can increase the blood pressure values which in turn can lead to a dangerous heart disease. 

The only exception in this case is heroin because it massively lowers blood pressure and the heart rate, so much so that it could lead to a cardiac arrest.

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With high blood pressure no drugs

Drug use is dangerous especially with hypertension
Drug use in hypertension

These risks relate to people who are perfectly healthy and have a normal blood pressure.

The situation is different in people who already suffer from high blood pressure and decide to use drugs. 

In principle, with already existing hypertension, all substances which lead to a further increase in blood pressure should be urgently avoided as heart and blood vessels are excessively loaded.

This can also apply to those who use antihypertensive drugs.

Drug use will always come with some risks of hypertension.

This is particularly true for smoking, because nicotine as already mentioned has a particularly negative impact on the entire cardiovascular system. 

Amphetamines as drugs and hypertension

The most dangerous combination, however, is the use of amphetamines when you already have high blood pressure.

Amphetamines are stimulants that can lead to a rapid increase in blood pressure and can lead to serious cardiac arrhythmias

Alcohol may increase blood pressure and the associated use of medication can cause death from heart failure.

It has to be noted at the conclusion that drug use of any kind has a detrimental effect when it comes to high blood pressure.

If you already have hypertension you should certainly stay away from illegal and harmful substances.