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Drugs and hypertension

The numbers speak for themselves! 35 million people in Germany suffer from high blood pressure.

Amazingly, however, is that approximately 17.5 million sufferers don’t know that they are suffering from hypertension.

High blood pressure is the primary factor for life-threatening cardiovascular disease

Hypertension is the number 1 cause of death in Germany.

Thus reducing high blood pressure is very important.

It’s hard to believe that less than half of those who are aware of their high blood pressure can be treated medically.

The risk of a fatal stroke or heart attack decreases dramatically when high blood pressure patients lower their blood pressure over the long term. 

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Hypertension - possible cause are drugs

The causes of hypertension are well known and include things such as not enough exercise, a diet with an excess of fat and sugar and a deficiency of freshly prepared food with vitamins and nutrients.

Even permanent stress increases blood pressure to dangerous levels.

Also harmful to the cardiovascular system are both alcohol and nicotine. 

Both legal and illegal drugs cause the blood pressure to quickly rise above the level of 140 (systolic) to 90 (diastolic) mmHg.

Few are aware, however, that illegal drugs like cocaine, hashish or amphetamines can cause high blood pressure

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Away from the drugs in hypertension

Drug therapy - with hypertension very important
Drugs and hypertension

Anyone who suffers from high blood pressure and are taking drugs should go to therapy 

Many smokers do not like to hear that they're addicts!

When the nicotine levels in the blood decrease it will affect your physical well-being and performance.

This explains why smokers need to satisfy their craving regularly. 

One consequence of this is taking regular smoke breaks during work hours - or the use of e-cigarettes with nicotine liquids.

The compulsion to use drugs for addicts who are addicted to hard drugs such as heroin or crystal meth is much higher.

The use of drugs and the feeling to get to the next hit can lead to a higher blood pressure.

Negative effects on the body are associated with drug taking.

And high blood pressure can get worse when taking drugs. 

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Stop drugs and reduce blood pressure

If you suffer from high blood pressure you should stay away from drugs 

Every smoker knows how hard it is to quit smoking.

Some never do, they will often start smoking again and again.

The addiction is extremely strong.

This is true to a much greater extent for addicts who consume hard drugs and ruin their blood pressure system.

The only approach is to stop taking drugs.

However, such a quick withdrawal leads addicts to their physical and mental limits. 

Monitoring by a medical professional is required during the immediate withdrawal phase.

Only in this way can the addict finally get rid of his addiction.

During this time the body will detoxify and the blood pressure will reduce to normal levels. 

If you need help getting off drugs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, there are many self-help groups, government programmes and a lot of literature available. 

Read more about the subject of drugs causing high blood pressure.

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