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Eat half as much - Diet in Hypertension

Eat half as much diet (FdH) and hypertension

Hypertensive patients must always pay attention to their figure. Here the help the eat half as much diet will help.

Slimming with FdH good for everybody and it has been around for many years. In general, the FdH diet is very easy to do. All you have to do is just eat only half the amount that you normally would, so smaller portions or fewer meals is the key.

Some people see this method as inadequate because you will not be satisfied and will therefore cancel the diet after a short time. However, these peopel misjudge the situation completely. Today's we eat too much, whether we healthily or unhealthily. For example, researchers have demonstrated through various tests that too much food (healthy or unhealthy) can age faster humans faster and is responsible for the most common diseases. And high blood pressure is certainly one of these common diseases.

To prove this Pavia twins have been separated very young. One monkey got to eat as much as he wanted, whilst the other monkey only at a bare minimum of calories.

FdH prolongs life

Obesity and Hypertension

The monkey did not starve. At first glance, this sounds pretty brutal, but the results of the experiment left the researchers baffled. The well-fed monkey aged much faster than his brother, he got many illnesses and died quite early. 

The monkey that ate the bare minimum grew to become very old. He was almost never sick and even in old age he appeared young and healthy.

Encouraged by this experiment, further research has been launched in rats. Here the rodents were divided into three groups. In one group, the rats were given as much as they wanted to eat, in a second group the animals a bit more than expected for their daily requirement and in the third group they were given less than the calculated daily requirement.

The results were similar to that of the monkey research. The group of rats that were allowed to gorge themselves often became ill and died earlier than the other two groups. Also, the monkeys and the rats from this group almost always developed hypertension. 

Living longer with the diet FdH 

With high blood pressure you need to keep to a diet 

The middle group had better results, but when compared to the group of “starving” rats they still weren’t as healthy. The rats that were given very little to eat all outlived the other groups without exception. 

They were hardly ill and appeared younger and livelier than the animals of the first two groups even when they got into old age.

The researchers concluded that the digestion of food much energy is withdrawn from the bodies. In addition, it is assumed that many food residues accumulate in the intestinal tract itself and form the triggers for diseases. 

A similar view represents the view of the founder of the Mayr cure, the Austrian doctor FX Mayr, who worked with the basics of colon cleansing. 

Whether we like it or not, we eat large amounts of food and should limit our portioning. From this point of view it does make sense, the FdH method is not easy but will really help with your weight loss program. Just eat less than you are used to it, no matter whether you just consume only half or slightly more.

Try carefully and try to eat as little as possible. High blood pressure patients should find this diet helpful.