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Echocardiography and high blood pressure

Solutions for high blood pressure - Echocardiography
Echocardiography in Hypertension

With high blood pressure you may need to make one additional echocardiography.

It is statistically proven that cardiovascular diseases are among the leading causes of death around the developed world.

In particular, high blood pressure (hypertension) plays a very important role.

For it is not "just" a disease, but can also cause many other symptoms.

Accordingly, it is the task of doctors to find the cause of high blood pressure quickly and handle it accordingly, so further complications can be prevented.

One of the standard tests for high blood pressure is called echocardiography (also called "cardiac ultrasound"). 

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Ultrasounds in hypertension

Hypertension need not be - ultrasonography
Echocardiography in Hypertension

In this investigation, an ultrasound is performed on the heart.

In this case, the patient must turn to the right side, so that the heart can then be depicted perfectly.

The transducer is placed and the heart and illuminated from different directions.

The doctor pays particular attention to whether there are organic changes.

The heart valves are often a reason for high blood pressure.

The body tries that to pump blood back into the systemic circulation.

The increased pressure compensates for the reduced blood volume per one pump of the heart. 

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Echocardiography brings clarity for high blood pressure

In addition, the doctor will make sure whether or not the heart is enlarged.

This would make statements that the heart has grown and expends a lot of energy to emit the appropriate amount of blood, for example, obese patients.

This form of analysis is highly accurate and can provide very concrete results.

Thus, ultrasound measures the heart size, uncovered flap defects and the actual blood stream.

New drug therapies are discussed with the patient or sometimes even surgery on the heart valve is taken into consideration after such investigation.

Therefore, all patients who have a permanent high blood pressure should get an echocardiography test to ensure that they don’t have other problems.

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Echocardiography - important in hypertension

Echocardiography - The term at first sounds very complicated.

But this type of investigation is so "simple" but is also so crucial to ensure that the best solution is provided for the patient.

These ultrasound tests have become so important that they are often carried out when hypertension is suspected in a patient.

They can find problems at an early stage and help to provide solutions.