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Immediate help

So you have just learned that you might be suffering from high blood pressure? You might have even learned that a friend or a family member is suffering from the condition? It is therefore, time to take immediate action!

But what to do first? 

Here, we present you 10 points a relief program that will bring a speedy recovery.

Integrate a walk into your daily routine. Walk for at least 15 minutes a day to help reduce high blood pressure.

Reduce your  tobacco consumption. Even if you cannot quit smoking, you can reduce it anyway. Also reduce alcohol. If you have a drinking problem, you can join Alcoholics Anonymous.

Buy a base powder to instantly regulate the acid-base balance of the body (best known as pellet) and Korean ginseng. Take this dietary supplement according to the provided instructions.

Speak to another physician for a second opinion. Take advantage of all the possibilities to ensure that you get a correct diagnosis.

Spring clean your body from the inside out. You will want to detox regularly to ensure that your body contains a minimal amount of toxins.

Eat a healthy, wholesome and varied diet. Start your diet not. We recommend the FX Mayr diet because this diet has achieved very good results for high blood pressure patients. Here you will need to pay particular attention to the aspect of the gut renovation.

Go to the Red Cross to donate blood to immediately reduce the pressure.

Refrain from eating salt in your diet and avoid any kind of stress in your life.

Go to a medical practitioner to get some medicine to reduce blood pressure.

Try to relax mentally and spiritually to make a contribution to the recovery of your high blood pressure.