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Dr Erich Rauch and Hypertension

Dr Erich Rauch, - The Mayr Doctor

Dr Erich Rauch and Hypertension 

The FX Mayr Cure can achieve very good results for hypertension patients. Dr Erich Rauch (born August 27, 1922 in Graz, died 22 May 2003 in Klagenfurt) was a physician from Austria. He was the founder of the present-day Franz Xaver Mayr cure and directed the first health centre dedicated to this cure. After this he dealt with the fight against hypertension. He recognized that the blood pressure of people can be reduced by targeted nutrition without medication. 

A Life for Health 

Hypertension according to Dr Rauch 

Developed by Dr Rauch Franz, the Mayr cure serves as a valuable method for the preservation and promotion of general health. Especially, detox is an important part of this cure, which also combats high blood pressure. 

The inventor of the Mayr cure was Franz Xaver Mayr, who promoted his diet in order to rehabilitate the intestine of humans through food. 

Weight loss is a side effect of this treatment. However, the goal of this cure is the reduction of blood pressure and to strengthen the intestinal functions. Today this treatment is preferred because of the weight reduction and the fight against hypertension is often a secondary outcome. High blood pressure is now one of the most common causes of death in the developed world.

The Founder of Mayr Cure 

Health Care Golf Hotel in Austria - Mayr Cure 

Dr Smoke came from a family of doctors and was born the son of a physician in Graz. He received his medical degree late because during the war he was held captivity. In 1950 he was able to make his degree in Vienna. In these years of study in Vienna he met Franz Xaver Mayr and helped to start a healing method and therapies for stomach regeneration. 

He then develops the Mayr cure. 

The initial therapy is combined with massage and other natural therapies. For his cure, he practiced on outpatients for over 20 years in his Vienna practice and after these 20 years he met the entrepreneur Rolf Deyhle who together founded the first centre in 1976 as a stationary unit for this treatment.

He created the Health Hotel am W├Ârthersee and was ended his profession there as the medical director. This hotel also became a golf hotel and resort.

Health center by Dr Rauch 

Treatment under medical supervision 

The F. X. Mayr cure and high blood pressure 

He continued to publish a number of standard works and he continued to do so until his death. The areas of psychotherapy and autosuggestion have also become part of his cure and he is also the founder of the application of auto-suggestion. 

The temporary monotony of the daily diet is an important healing factor that is the message of this cure measures. Thorough chewing and the simple foods are the basics of this diet. 

The Mayr cure has developed into a very sophisticated method and today it is a special diagnostic and nutritional therapy which has the goal of treatment of chronic diseases.