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Figures and Numbers for High Blood Pressure

Numbers and figures of blood pressure
Figures and numbers of our blood pressure

All over the world, high blood pressure (hypertension) is one of the biggest risk factors for cardiovascular disease and is one of the main causes of death, for example, by heart attacks or strokes.

Mild hypertension is where the systolic blood pressure is between 140 and 160 mmHg and the diastolic values are between 90-100 mmHg.

Blood pressure is considered to be moderately to severely increased if these values exceed a threshold value of 160/105 mmHg.

The World Health Organization (WHO) in a recent statistics assume that about 25 % of the world population suffer from pathologically elevated blood pressure, and that these figures could rise to about 29% by 2025. This dismal prognosis is due to the fact that hypertension develops an increasingly more acute problem, especially in poorer countries due to low information, prevention and treatment.

Apart from these very pessimistic and thought provoking statistics, a rather positive trend seems to be coming from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. According to a recent study by the Robert Koch Institute ("Health in Germany 2014"), the 12-month prevalence of hypertension in Europe is decreasing. In women 27% suffer from high blood pressure and for males it‘s 26% (over a quarter of respondents had intermittently elevated blood pressure values in the last 12 months).

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Surveys on Hypertension - Figures and Numbers

Compared with surveys from 1998, these are, however, significantly decreased figures and numbers, since at that time about 44% of women and 51% of men suffered from hypertension. This is consistent with results of the so-called Global Burden of Disease Study, which also came to the conclusion that the number of hypertension cases in the Federal Republic of Germany from 1980 has steadily declined until 2008.

It must be noted in both studies, however, that the figures mentioned in each case are related to known cases of elevated blood pressure. It can be assumed that a large proportion of those affected, especially in the initial phase of the problem know nothing of about having hypertension because more often than not, there are not usually any external symptoms.

A similarly positive trend in the development of hypertension numbers are shown in the corresponding statistics of Switzerland. The Swiss Health Survey in 2007 showed that an average of 22% of the adult Swiss population suffered from hypertension.

Comparative figures for the years 1992 - 1993 yielded values of 38% for men and 20% among women. Again, this is only for patients where they are known to have high blood pressure.

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From Austria, according to statistics from the years 2006/2007 (Austrian Health Survey), there is also a significant decrease in the percentage of the adult population suffering from high blood pressure. About 20% of the adult population suffer from hypertension. In addition, this is reflected in the number of deaths due to cardiovascular disease. A reduction of about 50% in the last 30 years, which is calculated statistically to about 20% to the reduction of hypertension values during that period. Thus, the results in all three countries are quite similar.

Unfortunately, U.S. citizens are at a steady 30 % rate of high blood pressure. U.K. seems to have a quite similar development as Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

It is hoped that this positive trend in Europe can continue both through better education, health management, and successful treatment in the coming years, and that similar successes are also achievable in non-industrialized nations.

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