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The Fit For Fun Diet for High Blood Pressure

The Fit for Fun Diet and Hypertension

Hypertensive patients can lose weight healthily with the Fit 4 Fun Diet 

Lose weight with the Fit For Fun Diet 

The Fit For Fun Diet was developed by the magazine “Fit For Fun”. This diet has won many awards and is therefore ideally suited for losing weight.


The special thing about the Fit For Fun Diet is that it is divided into three parts: diet, exercise and rest. Exercise is important for losing weight and the Fit For Fun Diet requires a change of habits and is a long-term weight loss diet not a short term one. 

On their website (fitforfun.com) there are lots of tasty recipes with full details and a detailed shopping list that will really help you to lose weight.

When losing weight the Fit For Fun Diet allows you to eat three times a day. Then you can exercise to aid the fat burning process. The diet is based on healthy eating, not calorie counting. However, the diet experts at Fit For Fun say that you should consume no more than 1200 calories per day.

Hypertension and obesity 

Overweight hypertensive patients must be particularly careful

Lunch and dinner is based more on proteins and are intended to improve the fat burning overnight. Snacks between meals on the Fit For Fun Diet is also possible. 

There are 2 areas of sport on the Fit For Fun Diet. There is the endurance part and the power part. Every week, nutrition experts from Fit For Fun advise to do 2 cardio workouts and a power workout to build sufficient muscle mass and burn extra calories. 

The third pillar of the Fit For Fun Diet is the recovery. The reason the makers of the Fit For Fun diet have a rest period is because of stress hormones that affect your metabolism. They affect insulin during weight loss and the blood pressure can rise.

Learn to relax with meditation.

The Fit For Fun diet is very suitable for losing weight if you want to get rid of a few pounds and are in search of a new lifestyle. Especially for high blood pressure patients this form of diet is very suitable. 

Losing weight with high blood pressure 

Healthy living in hypertension 

Hypertensive patients must always pay attention to their figure 

If you are, however, moderately or severely overweight, you can safely use the recipes, but you should avoid the intensive sports so that you don’t overstress yourself.

You should also observe the recovery period and get adequate rest. However, sometimes this is not so easy if you have a hectic schedule. 

But if you do not like sports or are simply too overweight to accommodate sports in your weight loss program you should probably start off with a diet and then later switch to the Fit For Fun diet.