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Folic Acid (Vitamin B 9) with High Blood Pressure

Folic acid is a water-soluble B vitamin and is referred to by the popularly known as ''pregnancy vitamin '', and sometimes vitamin B 9 or B 11 named and is usually undersupplied just in hypertension.

But folic acid also helps us in cell division and growth, the metabolism and growth processes, and helps the body remove harmful amino acids and is also very important in hypertension.

Mainly takes folic acid present in green plant leaves and yeast, wheat germ and bran, as well as in veal and chicken liver.

But also leafy vegetables, Bocolli, egg yolks, fish and meat, carrots, cabbage, nuts, fruits, sprouts, dead beds, arugula, asparagus, spinach, tomatoes and whole grains contain low levels of folate.

Folic acid is light and heat sensitive and should therefore be stored as a dietary supplement in the package.

Hence vegetables as a natural supplier of folic acid should not be too strong cooked, so as not to lose such an important folic acid in hypertension.

Folic acid is water soluble and essential for the human body, but can not be self-made and must be taken with food.

Recommended are 200 micrograms of folic acid as a daily dose, in women with a desire to have children are up to 800 micrograms of folic acid daily dose as recommended.

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Folic acid is an important Vitamin in Hypertension

Vitamin supplements - hypertension - enough folic acid
Folic acids in Hypertension

Excess folic acid is excreted from the body.

The daily requirement of folic acid, you can easily cover with several portions of vegetables or fruit.

Make sure that you mix the case of folic acid-containing foods and not monotonic only eat a vegetable.

Especially if you suffer from hypertension folic acid is very important.

The body needs folic acid mainly for hematopoietic cells in the bone marrow, the use of the vitamin for sufficient hematopoiesis at its permanent division.

In diseases such as cancer or epilepsy may cause a folic acid deficiency, which can be counteracted by the addition of dietary supplements with folic acid by medication.

Another cause of folate deficiency in the body's alcoholism and small intestine and liver disease that generally drain the vitamin depots in the body strong and use the folate.

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Vitamin supplements Folic acid in Hypertension

Here too, a vitamin supplement containing folic acid improve further unfavorable effects of addiction.

A lack of folic acid can lead to anemia, because the human body can create a depot of folic acid a maximum of three months.

For cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis sufficient folate depot may also be important as amino acids are converted to the folic acids that otherwise may promote atherosclerosis.

Real information about their vitamin depots and a possible shortage of vitamins and especially folic acid may be a full blood count. Discuss this possibility with your doctor or medical practitioner.

Just lose weight we eat often monotonous over time, and do not have enough vitamins in diet plan.

Make sure here on varied diet and place value on a diet form with plenty fresh and natural products to take sufficient folic acid.

This is of course especially if you suffer from hypertension.

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German doctors have remedies against high blood pressure

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