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Incidence of High Blood Pressure

Frequency of high blood pressure
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High blood pressure is a very common disease in the modern world and it is often referred to as a “silent killer”. It often comes with few symptoms and they are also nonspecific so they don’t always suggest that you have high blood pressure.

The result is that many affected people live unknowingly with this risk factor and don’t even notice that the probability of suffering from kidney disease, cardiovascular problems, heart attacks and strokes, increases.

Large Frequency of high blood pressure in Developed Countries

According to a study by the Robert Koch Institute, almost every third person suffers from hypertension in Germany. The main risk factors for such disease are diabetes, obesity, kidney diseases and excessive alcohol consumption.

These phenomena are typical of the modern world. We grow up in a world where everything you want is readily available. We just need to take a moment to see what is missing and the answer is usually nothing! One of the biggest things is an increasing amount of ready meals available.

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Bad habits increase Frequency of High Blood Pressure

Salty foods increase the likelihood of developing high blood pressure. One of the problems with this is that nowadays food contains too much salt and the consumer does not notice and assumes that ready meals hold the appropriate amount of nutrients. But this is a fallacy, because is often added in large quantities to improve the flavour. 

Also, the sugar content of many products must not be underestimated. Particularly special foods for children are often large sugar bombs and children are exposed to excessive sugar intake from a very young age and this can easily lead to diabetes. In combination with a lack of exercise and sport, many people become overweight and this is yet another risk factor for high blood pressure. 

Also emotional problems can affect blood pressure. Occupational stress, family problems, depression and anxiety are very common nowadays. Add to that the consumption of alcohol, further increases the risk of disease.

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Hypertension can be hereditary - high Frequency

High blood pressure is widely spread
The frequency of high blood pressure

Sometimes hypertension can be hereditary. If either one or both of the parents suffer from high blood pressure, children can inherit this problem and it can even be passed down further generations. Depending on the cause of the blood pressure, it can cause substantial damage to the organs. 

The By Child and Youth Health Survey in 2006 obtained data from blood pressure in children and adolescents up to 17 years old. This study showed that half of the boys in the 14-17 year-old group already exceed the optimum value of 120/80 mmHg in adults.

This figure was nearly a quarter for the girls. 

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High Blood Pressure compared to other Countries

Overall, blood pressure is rising steadily all over the world. However, Europe and especially Germany has some of the highest incidences of high blood pressure in the population. In developing countries, however, are the number is much lower. 

This low frequency is due to the fact that the people in these countries do not already have everything available, they only have what they need. Excessive food with artificial additives, sugar and salt isn’t so readily available in developing countries and therefore high blood pressure is not so widely spread. 

The physical activity of people in developing countries is also higher, which is also a factor for the low frequency of hypertension.

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The frequency of high blood pressure

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