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Which Genes are responsible for Hereditary Hypertension

Genetic disposition for high blood pressure
The genes and hypertension

What Hereditary Factors Are Concerned with Hypertension? Our Genes.

Recent studies have shown that there are 13 chromosome segments which without a doubt are related to hereditary high blood pressure.

Most of these genes are related to the regulating of the blood pressure. This proves that we have hereditary factors which contribute to the variation of the blood pressure values.

But how can we know the effects of the different genetic variations if they are so low? Nature and the control genes have over the blood pressure are not down to only one signle gene.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of genes and only one sole gene is responsible for the ghigh blood pressure. If we could find exactly what gene causes high blood pressure, we can balance the whole system and reduce the number of mutated genes.

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Genes are responsible for Hereditary High Blood Pressure

The genes are responsible for high blood pressure
Our genes can carry the high blood pressure

We need to have high blood pressure at certain times in our life, for example, when playing intensive sports. 

It seems that many genes are able to influence the blood pressure, but we don’t know which single gene has the biggest effect on the blood pressure.

With hereditary hypertension, DNA is the cause of this genetic various.

However, it has been said that scientists have overlooked one huge part of determining which gene is causing high blood pressure.

Many Variations of Hereditary Hypertension

Many hundreds of hereditary variations exist because of high blood pressure which affect around one thousand people. But the blood pressure can be forced up around 5 or 10mmHg.

Until now, scientific instruments have been unavailable, even so, today they are rare. These tools are necessary to discover which gene is causing high blood pressure.

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Research of Hereditary Hypertension Continues

Research states that hereditary high blood pressure is still largely unknown about which gene is causing the blood pressure to increase. It seems that this body of though is a lot more complicated that what was previously accepted.

Hereditary Factors and Hypertension

The variations of hypertension now discerned emphasis which genes were not responsible for blood pressure regularisation. If the effect of these genes can be fully understood, it will become easier to treat hypertension and more specifically, hereditary hypertension.

However, it seems that most people have other reasons why they may have a high blood pressure. For example, smoking and drinking. In some cases, it’s not known if these external risks or the genetic mutations are to blame for the high blood pressure and primary hypertension often goes misdiagnosed. Even if it is hereditary hypertension, you can still reduce your blood pressure by eating healthy food and exercising regularly.

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Hereditary Factors and High Blood Pressure

Even with hereditary hypertensive patients, they can lower their blood pressure with a healthier lifestyle and also by taking effective medication.

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