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The glycaemic index diet for high blood pressure

Glycaemic index (GI) diet for high blood pressure 

In hypertension, the GI diet can achieve very good results 

A nutritional approach to long-term success 

A diet based on the glycaemic index

The GI Diet was developed by the nutritionist Marion Grillparzer and is a form of nutrition based on the calculation of the glycaemic index of each food. The glycaemic index was introduced in the early eighties by scientists for diabetic patients (and many diabetics also suffer from high blood pressure) so they can have a healthy lifestyle with adequate nutrition. 

It determines the carbohydrate content of a food and its impact on blood sugar levels. Carbohydrates with a high glycaemic index are digested faster and thus pass into the blood, where they let the sugar levels rise rapidly. 

Thus, the pancreas releases increased amounts of the hormone insulin, gets into the body’s cells, and the increased uptake of glucose manifests itself by transforming into fat deposits. 

The glycaemic index table as a guide 

Reduce weight

Help for high blood pressure patients through the GI diet 

The low GI diet is based on food according to its glycaemic index and thus helps overweight people to be able to lose weight effectively and to keep their desired weight for a longer period of time.

Marion Grillparzer says her glycaemic diet will help you to lose weight quickly by eating food with a low glycaemic index. The diet distinguishes between good and bad carbohydrates, depending on how they impact your body weight.

According to these characteristics a meal plan is compiled, which consists mainly of foods with a low glycaemic index and thus helps reduce the fat deposits and to prevent the formation of new fat deposits. Effective weight loss is easy to implement using the glycaemic index table. Especially with high blood pressure, the GI diet is especially recommended.

A long-term diet concept without sacrifice

Losing weight is the goal

With high blood pressure it is important to remove excess pounds

A great advantage of this diet is that you can lose weight quickly without sacrificing long term enjoyment. And this is also beneficial for high blood pressure patients. The Marion Grillparzer GI table helps dieters to get an effective diet for losing weight.

Each food is listed with its glycaemic index and fat calorie content in clear traffic light colours and it therefore provides an easy-to-follow guide about how to lose weight following this diet. 

The aim is to combine within each meal a green-labelled food in order to keep the overall glycaemic index and percentage of fat calories low. Thus, with the glycaemic index diet you can lose weight fast without having to starve yourself for months.

Rather, this diet is one based on a varied and healthy food diet that can be followed for a long time and is not connected with hunger and abandonment. Some foods that are bad for you are deleted from the menu with some exercise you can lose weight very quickly.