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Headaches and Hypertension

Medication and Strong Headaches

The sudden increase in the blood pressure can lead to strong headaches. This is medically known as a hypertensive crisis and they are usually quite rare.

A hypertensive crisis and strong headaches are very serious and can lead to an emergency life-threatening situation. Fortunately, however, they are very rare and in most cases a high blood pressure is the cause.

Usually an abrupt increase in blood pressure values also increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Nephritic damage also occurs and you may suffer from headaches.

Besides headaches, you may also suffer from cold sweats, anxious feelings, shivering, breathlessness, dizziness and even unconsciousness. 

Usually, less acute blood pressures rises are only accompanied by light headaches for which most people just take aspirin.

Vicious Circle – Headaches and High Blood Pressure

Fatal Vicious Circle – Blood Pressure, Headaches and Drugs

Many people who suffer from mild head pain will self-medicate with freely available painkillers such as paracetamol or aspirin. These drugs reduce the pain, but they don’t do anything about reducing high blood pressure or the reasons why you may be suffering from head pain.

There is a connection between taking painkillers over a prolonged period of time and high blood pressure.

Many people don’t know that many painkillers, can actually increase blood pressure if taking a lot. Examples of such painkillers include ibuprofen. Patents who take a lot of ibuprofen over an extended period of time can also develop high blood pressure and more severed head pains.

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