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High Blood Pressure and the Heart Disease Risk Group

Heart diseases by high blood pressure
The consequences for our heart by hypertension

Cardiac arrest can be a fatal result of high blood pressure.

People ill from heart disease often get high blood pressure. In Germany, about 1.5 million people suffer from heart disease. Many high blood pressure patients also get heart disease.

The heart muscle fulfils an important job in our body. It supplies all organs, for example, the kidneys and brain, with blood which is rich in oxygen. The blood pressure depends on our heart and its steady beats.

The blood travels around the heart in coronary arteries. They branch from the aorta and cover the heart muscle.

Sometimes, the coronary arteries cannot supply the heart muscle with enough blood rich in oxygen and you may develop heart disease. This is then affected by your blood pressure.

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Heart Disease - subsequent Illness of High Blood Pressure

Consequences to our heart by hypertension
High blood pressure and the impact on our heart

If the blood pressure is permanently high, the heart must work harder to keep the blood circulating. The heart muscle exists of a left and right ventricle and must adapt itself for a longer and more raised strain as blood pressure increases.

The raised blood pressure in the circulatory system leads to the thickening of the left heart muscle. The whole muscle suffers from decreased elasticity and hardens. High blood pressure and heart disease can cause death.

Coronary heart disease can originate from high blood pressure. A patient with heart disease, now has his heart muscle thickened and needs a raised blood supply, only so the heart will receive enough nutrients. Because the blood supply is low and cannot be raised, blood pressure increases.

Blood circulation in the heart muscle decreases due to hypertension and can cause problems such as coronary heart disease, cardiac insufficiency (heart muscle weakness), cardiac infarction (by an oxygen starvation dies the heart muscular tissue) and stroke.

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Risk Group: Coronary Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure

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If the heart muscle thickening is caused by hypertension, one can still gain control of the high blood pressure. A patient can take a treatment course to reduce blood pressure. The thickened heart muscle can already point to the fact that the person has heart disease and must therefore, check their blood pressure regularly.

In the late stage of the thickening of the heart muscle structural damages to the fabric of the heart can occur. These cannot be fixed. The high blood pressure leads to an illness of the heart circulatory system. High blood pressure with heart disease is particularly widespread in industrial countries.

Subsequent illnesses and damage of the heart don’t only come from high blood pressure. Often people who smoke or are overweight can also get heart disease. Lipids form in the vascular walls which thicken the vessels and cause them to get narrower. The pumping ability of the heart decreases, blood pressure rises, and heart disease can follow.

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Heart Disease due to High Blood Pressure

If hypertension is left untreated patients can sometimes go blind. Moreover, the function of the kidneys is limited, and in the final stages it can sometimes lead to dialysis. 

Almost half of the deaths in Europe (more than 20,000,000 every years) are caused by heart disease with high blood pressure being the most important risk factor.

The comprehensive health portal for high blood pressure provides medical and alternative methods. For example, traditional Chinese medicine or traditional European medicine which can help with heart disease and high blood pressure.

You should always get the advice of your doctor.

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