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Cardiac Insufficiency and High Blood Pressure

Cardiac Arrest and Hypertension

The heart is like no other organ in the body. It’s not like the kidney or lung, it’s a muscle. It pumps blood around the body via the circulatory system and supplies all the organs with the necessary oxygen and nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

A muscle can be strong and efficient, or it can be weak and inefficient.

If the heart becomes weak then this is another cause for high blood pressure. The heart is finding it difficult to pump blood around the body. 

As the heart’s pumping ability deceases the blood pressure can fall too low resulting in death.

Dangerous Results of High Blood Pressure and Cardiac Insufficiency

The Result of High Blood Pressure and Cardiac Insufficiency can be Dangerous

The amount of blood being pumped around the body becomes insufficient with the organs don’t pump enough oxygenated blood around the body. 

The blood cannot flow fast enough and it begins to collect in different regions in the heart. The heart can then subsequently be damaged by cardiac insufficiency.

However, the blood can also get jammed in other areas of the body.

Blood can get stuck in the lungs and cause breathlessness and the general breathing problems. If the blood collects before the heart, water can store, blood pressure can increase, and the results can be fatal.

If the heart muscle doesn’t sufficiently pump blood around the body, then patients can suffer the discomfort described above from the high blood pressure. 

If water collect in the lungs, the results can be extremely dangerous. 

More and more people in developed countries are falling ill with cardiac insufficiency. Older people often suffer from this illness.

Causes of Cardiac Insufficiency – Hypertension

Coronary heart disease is where the heart muscle is inflamed and there are heart rhythm disturbances. There are many different risk factors for high blood pressure, especially those that come from cardiac insufficiency.

Being overweight, having high cholesterol levels, smoking, diabetes or a large alcohol intake can also cause chronic high blood pressure.

The Result of Hypertension and Heart Weakness

High blood pressure is a frequent trigger of cardiac insufficiency. High blood pressure is one of the most frequent illnesses in industrial countries with more than 25% of adults suffering from it. The effect of cardiac insufficiency becomes very clear, very fast.

If the blood pressure increases, the heart muscle has abnormally high pressure. It pushes this pressure into the blood vessels and the blood pressure rises even further which in turn places even more strain on the heart.

This strain demands too much of the heart and it eventually becomes weaker and cardiac insufficiency arises. In order to keep organs supplied with oxygen the body must work even harder. This in turn further increases blood pressure. The heart becomes weaker and weaker until the patient dies.

Cardiac Insufficiency and Hypertension Can Result in Death

Cardiac Insufficiency and Hypertension Can Arise at any Time

To help increase the pumping ability of the heart, the body releases many hormones. In this case, stress hormones can raise the blood pressure even further. As the heart grows, it’s like a muscle in training. The heart thickens and becomes more stiff and now insufficiency can’t be avoided if the blood pressure can’t be lowered.

A thickened hart cannot move enough blood around the body and the organs are given an insufficient amount of oxygen.

This cardiac insufficiency has risen from hypertension and it’s often a slow development over the course of time. In some cases, a sudden increase in the blood pressure can lead to an acute heart weakness which can be life-threatening and lead to death.

High blood pressure can have both a direct and indirect effect on the heart.

High blood pressure leads to the narrowing of the vessels which is known as arteriosclerosis. This forces the heart to beat even harder and cardiac insufficiency further increases.

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