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Hypertension damages the heart

Heart damage as a result of high blood pressure
Heart Problems in Hypertension

High blood pressure is medically described as arterial hypertension and is considered an important cause of heart damage.

To reduce the possibility of heart damage, one must quickly take appropriate measures to lower the blood pressure.

Lowering blood pressure naturally has proven to be an ideal therapeutic approach.

High blood pressure is when you have a systolic blood pressure of at least 140 mmHg or a diastolic blood pressure of at least 90 mmHg.

To reduce blood pressure, or lower blood pressure naturally, you need to lower these values.

Heart damage can be caused by high blood pressure and can have many forms.

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Complications of the heart are possible in hypertension

The damage caused by high blood pressure may be the diastolic (damage to the heart muscle), diastolic heart failure, or even the dreaded atrial fibrillation.

The way to avert the threat of heart damage is to reduce blood pressure and you can do this using natural methods.

If this measure does not succeed then you may need to speak to a doctor about medication.

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The diastolic compliance failure (damage heart muscle)

High blood pressure and the diastolic compliance failure
Heart Problems in Hypertension

Persistent hypertension has a lasting impact in a negative manner on the human cardiac muscle.

The structure of this major muscle causes it to gradually become thicker and stiffer the harder it needs to work.

In the wake of this tissue change it eventually loses the ability to sufficiently relax during diastole and to be able to suck enough blood for the subsequent expulsion.

One calls this pathological change of the heart muscle tissue diastolic compliance disorder.

As a result, the filling of the ventricle during diastole decreases, due to the inability to relax enough.

The pumping power is reduced more or less clearly, making significant backwater phenomena that are observed in the pulmonary circulation.

The ventricle leads to an increased pressure and in the surrounding myocardium layers

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Diastolic heart failure caused by hypertension

Heart damage is possible
Heart Problems in Hypertension

Another characteristic of cardiac damage due to high blood pressure is the diastolic heart failure which is often referred to as heart failure.

This manifests itself clinically in the pathological inability of the heart to be able to sufficiently pump the body's blood supply and this leads to a significant increase in pressure in the atria.

Heart failure can happen on either the left-hand side or the right-side or both.

However, it can sometimes affect the entire heart.

However, high blood pressure will often lead to the slow thickening of the heart muscle and ultimately the chronic form of heart failure.

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Not take heart problems lightly

This pathological condition develops in the course of many months or even years, during which the organism tries as part of a compensation process to deal with the persistently high blood pressure by the thickening of the heart muscle.

Thereby, the increased blood pressure over a period of time has to be compensated.

In the long term, however, the pumping of the heart is reduced and when the heart can no longer compensate and you may notice symptoms such as shortness of breath (dyspnea) or fluid retention (edema).