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German doctors have remedies against high blood pressure

Are there hereditary factors for high blood pressure ?

Solutions with hereditary hypertension
Hereditary factors for hypertension

Certainly, high blood pressure has many causes but often affects people who are not overweight, don’t smoke or drink alcohol, eat a healthy diet and pay attention to a balanced diet and even exercise a lot.

Here you can find no direct cause for hypertension. 

Presumably this type of hypertension arises from high blood pressure due to hereditary factors.

Studies have shown that the risk of developing high blood pressure is up to three times higher if only one parent also suffers from high blood pressure.

If both parents are hypertensive patients the risk can be as much as five times greater

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In my family everyone suffers from hypertension

Studies on twins have supported this assumption.

Damage to the genes, together with external factors (such as stress) can add to the risk of developing high blood pressure.

Most can be heard by those affected with statements like “in my family everyone suffers from high blood pressure''.

The exact genetic factors of this condition appear difficult to detect because there are many possibilities when being diagnosed with hypertension.

Most of those affected by hypertension don’t show any symptoms.

There are can be many reasons for the diagnosis of hypertension and many things can trigger it.

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Our genes determine hereditary hypertension

Hereditary hypertension may already be in the genes
Hereditary factors for hypertension

Still the architecture of genes cannot be definitively explained.

Genes control the salt balance in our body.

This makes it more important than ever to reduce salt intake because salt binds water and so makes for a lack of fluid in the blood, i.e. an artificial shortage of water, which leads to the need to incorporate the heart against the pressure.

The higher amount of water in the blood will mean the higher the pressure.

Gene mutations are also unclear within families and can be found without detectable symptoms.

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Many studies on hereditary hypertension exist

Studies looking at the genetic make-up of thousands of sufferers have been thoroughly studied, but results are slow in coming because so many hereditary factors play a role here that investigations are still going on for years to come.

One interesting feature is always to compare the genes of patients with the genes of healthy individuals to achieve results more quickly.

There are 13 different sections of chromosomes that are related to high blood pressure that have been identified so far.

Surprisingly, the majority of these 13 sections were until now never associated with the regulation of blood pressure.

This shows that the study of the hereditary factors of high blood pressure is still in its infancy.

Probably the control of blood pressure is not controlled only by a single gene but rather by a combination of many genes.

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Hereditary hypertension

This then makes it easier to balance the system when one of the genes is defective.

It may also be that the real reason of high blood pressure in the human genome is still undiscovered.

In order to understand high blood pressure and its hereditary factors, there are still many years of research necessary. 

Obviously, we still know very little about how the mechanisms of hypertension work and on what genetic basis they happen.

The biology is more complicated than expected and only when the effect of individual genes facilitates high blood pressure we can target them for treatment. 

German doctors have remedies against high blood pressure

Hypertension - inherited from parents to children

What we do know is that there are many factors that increase blood pressure.

This includes such things as obesity, smoking, alcohol, stress, or general unhealthy living conditions.

On our site you will find many useful tips for high blood pressure and how to lower it naturally. 

Inform yourself on our website and incorporate some of our suggestions into your daily lives.

However, you should definitely consult your doctor or therapist on how they deal with high blood pressure and what therapies are available for you.

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